Why you can’t become an industry expert anymore

industry expert
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Why you can’t become an industry expert anymore

I am sorry for telling you this but, you can’t be and industry expert anymore.

The world is massively connected, the markets are saturated and in your industry is too many people making noise. Trust me, there is too loud to send a message to your whole industry and expect to be seen as an expert.

Is this the end?

Of course not, this is just a change. And in my opinion, a very interesting change, let’s see how you can succeed in your industry even when the major part doesn’t see you as an expert.

You can’t be the king of your industry anymore

What a great news!

You don’t need to compete with the whole world anymore, and there are over 7 billion people on the planet to compete with!

Now you can just relax and find out the piece of “your industry”, not the whole industry, we can call this more popularly a micro-niche. But let me talk you about this a bit later.

The world has changed, the market has changed, the industries has changed and of course, the people has changed. The world is globally connected and gives you access to a massive offer all over the world about any industry and sector. Let’s say you are a web designer, you can’t be an expert in web design and wait for clients, because when somebody needs a web developer they go to Fiverr or any other similar platform and they can choose among hundreds of professionals and focus on the high-rated ones.

If you want to be an expert in the industry of web design (or any other field) there is not place to you anymore. Unless you change your vision of Industry.

The market has evolved into a massive marketplace all over the world, where a few giant corporations compete to be the “expert” of the industry. There is not room for you, and actually, you don’t need this.

Industries are made by tribes, this is your place!

There is some great news, I told you the beginning.

In today’s digital economy the industry structure has changed as well, now the market industry is composed of a complex mix of different particularities and a massive specialised demand. And this is the key, the specialised demand because there is to many different demands all over the world and people want exactly what they want.

Is not enough to be a web developer, because the potential client could be a business consultant, from Spain, $500 day-rate. So that guy is not interested in any offer on Fiverr. This is too generalist.

However, if you can position yourself as a web developer for top business consultants, and you can deliver your services in Spanish, because you can also do a great SEO job based on the Spanish google searches, then you are becoming a leader in a specific segment of an industry.

Let see how I represent this in the image below.

industry expert

In the Old Industry, was just a few “experts” leading the market because there was a very mainstream demand, not too many options in the market and not easily global access.

But in the digital economy people is ultra-connected, and when people connect with each other they tend to regroup according to their personality, hobbies and any personal taste to find a similar group of people to connect with. That’s nothing new, children at school are grouped depending if they play football or basketball, they like hip-hop or rock, they like gameplays or sports, and etc…

But now, the world is a huge schoolyard where 7 billion people play all connected.

They are looking for a leader, not an inaccessible industry expert

So exactly like children in the schoolyard, people is looking for that child who leads the hip-hop group at school in any industry segment, and that leader creates a Tribe (exactly like Seth Godin says in his book). So you don’t have to worry anymore to be the expert in your industry, this is a lost battle from the beginning.

You should be worrying about how to find (or even create) the Tribe where you can be the leader, and send your message to the world, eventually, your audience will find you, connect with you and follow you. And then you will have a pretty nice business in hands.

Consumers are demanding specialised attention that experts can’t deliver

Let’s go back to the consumers’ demand, they have a very specific demand and an Old Industry expert can’t satisfy this demand anymore because is simply impossible from their generalist point of view. They can still be a reference in the market, a credible voice to listen and follow the latest trends, but at the end of the day if you have a strong position in your Tribe you will take the client.

And this is your job, create a specific offer that matches with your Tribe, connect with them and establish a real connection sharing information and establishing a fluent communication.

I know your worry now: I’ll be limiting my potential clients with this!

Just 2 things:

  1. If you are the leader of your Tribe, your customers will follow you whatever you do and consume your products systematically. Let’s see the great post from Kevin Kelly called 1,000 true fans.
  2. Once you are the leader of one Tribe, you can expand and become the leader in other Tribes. You will put your limits.


The digital economy where we are currently living has changed the relationship that corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals have with the market, and of course, has changed the customer’s behaviour.

You can’t connect with your market just being one more in the crowd because the (digital) market is too noisy and your voice is so little. You need to have a great message to share with the world and understand the new rules to share it. Your potential clients want something more from you than delivering a great service or product, customer satisfaction is not just about the service it’s also about the relationship with the client.

If you want to play for a long time in the digital economy you will need to create a long-term relationship with your audience and clients, even before they become your clients.

You can’t do this if you don’t have a real connexion, a bidirectional relation based on trust, excellence, commitment and truth. Because they want to connect with you and you need to connect with them before selling anything and the best way to do it is creating your own Tribe inside your industry and position yourself as a leader.

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2 thoughts on “Why you can’t become an industry expert anymore”

  1. Good Analysis…. Nice article. Governements do function like this and it is very important to understand the expectations of each small tribe networks to keep them satisfied with the offerings.

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Find a profitable online business idea that you can start on the side now.


  • Get unstuck and start generating lots of profitable business ideas that you will actually love.
  • Validate your business idea even before you start selling.
  • How to transform your your skills into highly profitable business ideas—even if you don’t consider yourself an expert.