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Best business podcasts for online entrepreneurs

best business podcasts

I am a huge enthusiastic of podcast, especially business podcasts, I learned a lot from them and I think this is a great tool to get quick access to new content. I want to talk you about the best business podcasts I am listening right now, they did a huge difference on my online business results and I am still learning everyday from these guys.  I am sure you can learn and improve your knowledge whether if you are a starter or an advance online marketer.

Marketing School

best business podcasts

Let’s start talking about Neil Patel and Eric Sui, your hosts in the Marketing School podcast. Niel Patel is an online entrepreneur very well know as a co-founder of CrazyEgg, Hellobar, KISSmetrics and as a digital marketing consultant for big brands like Google or GM. Also, owns 2 personal blogs with millions of visits every month where you can read him every day.

Eric Sui is the CEO of the digital marketing agency Single Grain and habitual contributor to different online publications like Entrepreneur and Social Media Examiner.

Their podcast is delivered daily, Monday to Sunday, so these guys are such a compulsive workers, and this is because obviously, they love online marketing, you can clearly see this when you listen to the podcast.

This podcast has an average duration around 10 minutes, which is a good decision if we think the publish daily, is not heavy to listen, just to the point and very straightforward. I recommend visiting the website to be sure you get all the tips and tools they mention in every episode.

They are mainly focused on digital marketing and tactics to generate more traffic but also you can find great growth hacking tips for example. I recommend these guys if you want to improve your online marketing skills in a very practical way.

The smart passive incomes podcast


Well, at that point probably everybody knows Pat Flynn and their famous Smart Passive Income. He was an unemployed architect who get fired from his job a few months before his wedding. That was 2008. Do you remember Lehman Brothers and so on…? I clearly remember those days (maybe because I got fired on 2009).

In summary, Pat start with the plan B career which was basically helping other architects to get a specific license through a website, where he pretend to monetised once created certain amount of traffic. He start generating some incomes from this traffic in a passive way, so why not starts a blog and talk about how he did it?

Then he created Smart Passive Income, the blog where he starts talking about how to do what he was already doing: generating incomes from different “passive” online systems. Now he is a 7 figure blogger. Congratulations Pat!

After this, you probably have a clear idea about what you are about to listen from his podcast, information and more information about how to generate online monetizations systems.

But SPI is not just about that, Pat interviews relevant people who create their online careers and share an inspirational story. Talks about the mindset an online solopreneur should have.

He publishes weekly, usually every Monday and the average duration of episode is around 30 – 50 minutes.

Ask Pat


Here we are again with Pat!

I you are wondering why. Yes, he host 2 podcast. And this one is daily (Monday to Friday), more fresh, quick and practical. Here Pat receive questions in audio from the audience asking their own questions, all about the online business, marketing and lifestyle design. You can send your question to him right here.

I recommend this podcast in your daily routing, he only replies one question by episode and has an average duration of 7 minutes.

Can be surprising how many people have the same problems, questions or worries than you!

Entrepreneurs on Fire


I want to introduce you to John Lee Dumas, he is the host of EOFire.

John is pure energy!

Just let me tell you something to understand him better, he publishes every single day (yes, 7 days a week) an episode with and average duration of 30 min. The day I’m writing this post he is publishing the episode number 1450.

That makes a total of 725 hours in total!

I recommend you to take some days off if you want to catch up with John.

The most amazing thing from EOFrie and the reason I include on my top best business podcasts is the inspirational message that sends in every episode. He is one of those guys that transmit positiveness in a natural way.

And of course, he interviews everyday great entrepreneurs in any industry, sharing their stories with the bad and good moments. Every episode is full of great entrepreneurial lessons.

By the way, I totally recommend following John on Instagram if you are interested in designing your own lifestyle.

The school of greatness


The school of greatness is another great podcast hosted by Lewis Howes, a guy with and inspirational story behind him.

Can you imagine that kind of guy with a successful career in sports who dream to be Olympian, and then one day gets injured playing American football (sorry about the American, as a Spanish I just can’t say soccer even when I am the less interested football guy ever).

Lewis was out of his dream and almost in bankruptcy. But he didn’t give up, a few years later he was playing in the handball USA team, best-selling author, speaker, and influencer.

What happens in the middle? You have to listen to his podcast if you want to know it.

He interviews entrepreneurs and teaches you high valuable lessons to build your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

The #AskGaryVee Show


I know, everybody knows Gary Vaynerchuk, he does a lot, all the time and great stuff most of the time.

And yes, also do a podcast in a pure Gary style, quick, crazy, fast and loud!

If you like his Youtube channel. I am sure you will enjoy the podcast because basically is the radio version of the Garvee show.

He talks about social media, and he knows very well what he talks about. So please, check this guy, I am sure that will help you to activate your “out of the box” mode.

The Fizzle Show


These guys are amazing!

They do a podcast for self-employment in the most enjoyable possible way, laughing, joking and delivering great tips about the freelance lifestyle. This is basically what The Fizzle Show is.

They own an online community with a lot of resources and training if you are interested in go deeper in their message at

Problogger podcast


Darren Rowse is a global reference about blogging. He writes at, and you can read there basically all you need to know to become a great blogger.

This is the podcast version of the blog, and is a great complement if you are interested to develop your skills as a blogger. From Australia, Darren talks to the whole world via blog and podcast about something he absolutely loves, how to be a professional blogger.

He publishes a few times a week and the average duration is about 25 minutes.

I totally recommend his podcast


There is a lot of podcasts about online business, digital marketing and anything related to creating and growth your business online, I just show you in this post, my top favorite hosts.

I think is very important that you create you own podcast portfolio, covering all the areas you need to develop to keep growing your online business.

Podcast is a fantastic tool to keep learning in any moment when you are doing any other activity,

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