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build an audience without a blog

How To Get An Online Audience When You Don’t Have A Blog

I am a huge procrastinator. If I’ve learned anything, it is how to differentiate between EXCUSE and BARRIER. Let me tell you the difference between them, based on my own story. Did you know that I am from Spain? I am. I started learning English when I was 29 —I’m 34 as I write this. Twenty-nine is pretty late in life to learn a new language. Anyway. At the time I decided to write my blog and start building a business following The Content Way, I was unable to write more than 400 words. So I was building my website,

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working from home

The Unsexy Reality Of Working Online, And How To Improve It

“Working online must be amazing!” This is what a guy told me some time ago. We were at a bar having some drinks, because it was somebody’s birthday. It was one of those situations where you’re chatting with a friend of a friend and comes up the question: “So what do you do?” I was focused on my international trade consultancy business at the time. So I explained what I was doing. I said: “Basically, I am based here in the UK, my clients are in Spain, and I provide them with market intelligence reports about Latin American markets. You

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Is LinkedIn Premium Worth it? A BRUTALLY HONEST review

LinkedIn premium is not cheap, that’s a fact. But, is LinkedIn Premium worth it? Well, it depends on your situation and the strategy you are following on LI, if you have a strategy at all. I’m going to tell you in this post, the exacts situations when you should pay and you shouldn’t pay for LinkedIn premium.

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Contant with anyone Tony Robbins

How to get to ANYONE on LinkedIn (Included Tony Robbins)

Imagine that you could reach out ANYBODY. That key person or decision maker that you know if you just can pitch your proposal you will gain a huge deal. Ok, I’ll teach you in this post how to GET TO ANYONE ON LINKEDIN. And I am going to show you how my reaching out Tony Robbins, so you’ll be able to contact whoever you want. In this post, I’m going to tell you how to get in contact with ANYONE. I’m serious about this. This is not cheap clickbait. Imagine being able to talk to anyone in the world. Who

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frugal or cheap entrepreneurs

Frugal Entrepreneur or Cheap Entrepreneur — Which Are You?

I was recently re-reading Ramit Sethi’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I love re-reading good books. I always find something new or something I missed on my first reading or that now has a completely different meaning for me. Does the same thing ever happen to you? Anyway, I was reading a chapter where Ramit talks about the differences between frugal and cheap people from a personal finance context. This was a great approach. By the way, if you don’t know Ramit, he teaches people how to achieve a “rich life” (not all about money) by applying

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industry expert

How To Overcome The Fear Of Becoming An Industry Expert

One of the biggest challenges that I had when I started building an audience was my fear to teach other people. I felt like an impostor even though I knew what I was I was talking about. This is the so-called, “impostor syndrome”.

I’m going to show you on this post how I overcame the fear of teaching and ended enjoying sharing my knowledge with my audience.

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