How to create remarkable content… when you are crazy busy

A few days ago I received a message from a friend. He was waiting for my reply because we were planning to attend an event. I never replied. That message just got lost with so many others. That would be the brutally honest answer. But my quick default answer was something like this: “I’m so sorry last week I was crazy busy, I can’t do it! Oh well… That was one of those “crazy busy” things. He knew that I completely forgot about the message, and of course, I knew it too. But “crazy busy” just works that way, right?

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I know everything cocky bastard

How to teach people blogging… and don’t be a cocky bastard!

Did you ever know one of those cocky people? I bet you did. I have a couple of them right now on my mind when I’m writing this lines. I don’t like that kind of people. Do you? Hope no, or maybe I am the weirdo here. Anyway. They not just know basically everything about anything, they know it better than you. I have to confess you something. One of my biggest fears, when I started this blog, one year ago, was to be one of those cocky guys. Because I started from scratch, I had no experience and solid

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Businessman running into a content business

How to attract the perfect client with your content business

Cold calling is probably the thing that I most HATED in building my business. I am sure you are not a big fan neither. And the truth is the other person, who is receiving your call, didn’t like it. So then why cold calling? Can you imagine if you just can create a system where your ideal clients reach you out asking for your services? Can you imagine if your potential customers contact you looking for some help? Today, you don’t need to be a huge corporation investing a lot of money in advertising to attract new clients. Actually, corporations

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karate entrepreneur

How to become an expert in your industry creating remarkable content

We’ve all been there before:  you were invited to a friend’s party last week, and you met a lot of new people. The next week you meet a guy from the previous week party in a coffee shop. Good guy, you were talking about a lot of interesting things him, but… he didn’t remember your name. DAMMIT! That feels like a punch in your stomach. How can he don’t remember my name? But to be honest, there were a lot of people in the party. So many names to remember after a few drinks. It’s unlikely that he remembered my

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Content marketer

This is the key question to be a better content marketer

Building a content business takes time and effort, but you can have a lot of fun on the journey, so relax and enjoy discovering who are the real people behind the numbers on Google Analytics, because this is the reason in all of this, the people. Additionally, you have a podcast episode of The Content Way where I explain with my own words the topic. Let’s go to it!

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LinkedIn Ads make money

This is why LinkedIn Ads will make you earn money with your content

This Is Why LinkedIn Ads Will Make You Earn Money With Your ContentLinkedIn is becoming a great content marketing platform in itself and, LinkedIn Ads is boosting the possibilities to make real and quick clients from your content marketing strategy. Promoting your content in front of a targeted audience is always a goal, but the benefits in doing it so in LinkedIn are amazing. The way that you can match your personal story with your content, interact with your colleagues and explain what you did on previous projects and what have, you learned to give you a perfect context to

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How to be productive

How to be productive if you are a crazy multitasking solopreneur

How to be productive if you are a crazy multitasking solopreneurHow to be productive is just a difficult thing on a regular basis, but what happens if you are managing two or more different projects at the same time, that could be crazy, I know about it. If you are a solopreneur, running a business on your own, you probably think days should have 30 hours at least. We are alone most of the time, especially in the early stages of a business project, which means that you are a multitasking person.  I am active right now on three different projects. There

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Clever business man

Why a Content Business can change your business and your life forever

Why a Content Business can change your business and your life foreverI love the idea of a Content Business as a way to start from scratch. Some people talk about that as a way to capitalise your knowledge, other people focus on a personal brand strategy.  I think is a lot more than that. Either way, we all are talking about the same: the capacity to create a significant business around a content marketing strategy. Do you want to know why you should be doing this with your business?​ What will you find here? Difference between a tradicional business and a content

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grow your audience

How to grow your blog audience in your first year blogging?

How to grow your blog audience is always a challenge, but in your first year of blogging? It could be a nightmare.If you are new to blogging, the first year is the most challenging and important phase in a blog’s life. So, what? Because, when you start blogging nobody is reading you, you don’t have credibility or authority and, because of this, it is very difficult to build a meaningful audience. I want to do a simple guideline about the best actions that you can do in your first year of blogging, to increase the possibilities of success. What will you learn

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writing blog posts

10 simple steps for writing a blog post like a pro content marketer + [Checklist] #ContentMarketing

10 simple steps for writing a blog post like a pro content marketer + [Checklist] What will you learn here? Download your free Checklist: 10 steps for writing your blog posts like a pro content marketer#1 What do I want to achieve writing a blog post?#2 Put yourself in your reader’s shoes#3 Develop your unique angle#4 Don’t do “blind dating” with your readers#5 Building the content foundations#6 Fill the gaps#7 Let it cool down for a whileDownload your free Checklist: 10 steps for writing your blog posts like a pro content marketer#8 Fixing the mess#9 Grammar revision and ProofreadingWhy do you

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