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guest posting

Guest posting made simple, how to increase your audience

You are starting creating content, some good content that you know is useful for your audience. But there is no traction. Visits are stuck. People don’t write down any comments on your posts, and nobody shares the content on social media. Then, how can you grow your audience? It looks like you are doing everything that you should be doing. Then what? Like magic, you read somewhere that Guest Posting is a powerful tactic to grow your audience. And you are wondering if this is another BS about online business. Well, the truth is that guest posting works. Especially in

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This Is The Uncomfortable Truth Of Being An Entrepreneur

A few years ago I moved to the UK to start my own business, internationally. That sounds cool, right? Imagine the headline on your LinkedIn profile: “International Entrepreneur”. I remember those days when colleagues and friends ask me about what I was doing. They were amazing. They said comments like: “Oh man, you are so lucky, you can do what you want and work anywhere” or something like “I want to do that someday, I wish I have a stroke of luck to be able to do it”. I can do what I want? I am so lucky? What the

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steal competitors audience

This is how to steal audience from your competitors, the nice way!

Did you wonder how some people have such an amazing audience? One of my favourites content creators is Ramit Sethi, from I Will Teach You To Be Rich. He is creating high-quality content for years. Every time Ramit publish a new piece of content, let’s say a new blog post, rapidly have dozens of comments. Sometimes hundreds. I have to confess that I feel jealous when I look at those things. I would like to have that massive and loyal audience. Don’t you? Can you imagine your own legion of 1,000 true fans spreading your content every day? By the

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funny content show

This is how to create funny yet not stupid content

Are you a funny person? Maybe you meet someone who is a funny person. The one who always has the perfect comment in the right moment. Ingenious, quick and smooth. They look so natural at it. When you meet one of those guys, they stick in your mind no matter how many other people are around. It’s not just about being funny. There is something entertaining when you speak with them. It’s just easy to talk with that people. I am going to tell you a little secret, ok? I’ve tried to “be the funny guy” in the past. You

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entrepreneurs mindset

This is how to adopt a fail-proof entrepreneurial mindset

If you are an entrepreneur, you will know what I mean if I talk about the “rollercoaster effect”. We’ve all been there. It is simply a part of being an entrepreneur. You have ups and downs all the time. In the morning, you send several emails to potential clients on your CRM. They are warm leads, you’ve talking with all of them, and they have interest in your services. The only problem, they have no rush in hiring you. Nobody responds your emails, and if the did, you have a vague answer like: “oh, well, it’s interesting, but we don’t

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How to amaze your clients with tailor-made content

How to amaze your clients with tailor-made content

Let me tell you an uncomfortable truth about content. NOBODY cares about you and your shit. Sorry, about the hard begging today. But the sooner you learn this, the sooner you’ll put yourself in the right direction. And, what’s the right direction you might be asking right now. The right direction is switching your mind from blogger to publisher. From writing your “stuff” to writing for THEM (your audience). The mistake #1 why a content business fails is the lack of focus on a particular audience persona. In my case, all started making sense when I change my point of

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content creator

How to be a highly productive content creator machine

I feel so little when I see some people creating content almost every day, on high-quality standards. Don’t you? Do these people ever sleep? Do they have a super power or something? Well, this is mainly because of two factors: They have a PROCESS They have PRACTISED a loooooot I cannot teach you so much about the second one; this is up to you. If you want to become really good at something you have to repeat and repeat, over and over, until you master what you do. BUT… I can tell you few interesting things about the process because

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How to create remarkable content… when you are crazy busy

A few days ago I received a message from a friend. He was waiting for my reply because we were planning to attend an event. I never replied. That message just got lost with so many others. That would be the brutally honest answer. But my quick default answer was something like this: “I’m so sorry last week I was crazy busy, I can’t do it! Oh well… That was one of those “crazy busy” things. He knew that I completely forgot about the message, and of course, I knew it too. But “crazy busy” just works that way, right?

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I know everything cocky bastard

How to teach people blogging… and don’t be a cocky bastard!

Did you ever know one of those cocky people? I bet you did. I have a couple of them right now on my mind when I’m writing this lines. I don’t like that kind of people. Do you? Hope no, or maybe I am the weirdo here. Anyway. They not just know basically everything about anything, they know it better than you. I have to confess you something. One of my biggest fears, when I started this blog, one year ago, was to be one of those cocky guys. Because I started from scratch, I had no experience and solid

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Businessman running into a content business

How to attract the perfect client with your content business

Cold calling is probably the thing that I most HATED in building my business. I am sure you are not a big fan neither. And the truth is the other person, who is receiving your call, didn’t like it. So then why cold calling? Can you imagine if you just can create a system where your ideal clients reach you out asking for your services? Can you imagine if your potential customers contact you looking for some help? Today, you don’t need to be a huge corporation investing a lot of money in advertising to attract new clients. Actually, corporations

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