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content creation

Content creation: how to establish great habits to boost your creativity [DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE]

Your content creation process is one of the most difficult habits that any marketer can commit with. Probably because requires just that, commitment. This is not a temporary campaign on social media or like running for a few weeks a Facebook Ads campaign. Content marketing is a long-term commitment to creating compelling, valuable and meaningful content. And let’s be honest, this is a pain in the ass! At least you are a weirdo who enjoy doing it like me, which I’m sure you are 😉 Design your creative environment To me is essential put myself in a creative environment when

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building a business lifestyle

4 tips for building a business to support your lifestyle and grow your audience

How to grow your email list should be your top priority when you just start building a business online. The internet is very noisy and you need to collect readers that match with your topic. People that genuinely are interested in the content you are creating. This is such a huge challenge, and only by practicing, you can become better. Finding the junction and building a business right there! This is a two side relationship, you and your reader. And as any other relationship, you will need to find a common interest. If you create content about something your love but your

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How to beat solopreneur blues and stay focused on your goals all the time

I love being a solopreneur. Homepreneur, infopreneur, digital nomad or whatever you want to call it. I simply love the concept. But sometimes it gets really hard. Let’s see a few tricks I use when that Solopreneur blues comes to me. Be long-term my friend Building a business, any business, is a long-term project. Forgot about that entrepreneurial idea where somebody set up a business and in a few weeks explode! That usually happens on movies (about Apple, Facebook, etc…) but movies have limited time. Usually not more than 90 min. And they have to condense in 90 min a whole

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Morning ritual: boosting my productivity levels – February 2017

Welcome once again to my monthly reports where I share everything on my journey to build an online business around an Audience. I can describe this month with two words: morning ritual. This month was quite good in terms of productivity. Indeed I had the most productive week of my professional life (so far). That was thanks to following some morning routines from different sources. The morning miracle That sounds crazy, I know. I am the kind of person that look weird to that kind of books. But I was listening for a long time and from different people that I

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content marketer

How transform yourself from blogger to content marketer to succeed with your online business

Most people start a blog with the aim to transform their blog into a business, as a result they forgot the importance of being a content marketer to succeed in that journey and then they fail. Let’s talk about the process of transforming your mindset and start watching your blogging activity from the content marketer perspective. Why are you blogging? This is a really important question to answer at the very beginning of your journey. What motivates you to create and write frequently on your blog? Maybe your purpose is just to have fun and talk about a hobby or a

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lifestyle business

How to design a profitable lifestyle business that makes you happy

Building a lifestyle business is one the most satisfying things I ever did. If you like business and entrepreneurship like me, and I’m sure you do, building a personal business is an incredible thing. The way everything makes sense and connect the different areas of your personal and professional life is magic. I never felt more motivated and focus on a business project than now working on my lifestyle business. Ok, stop talking and let’s see a bit more about the process. What is a lifestyle business It is a business whose founders seek economic performance to sustain a particular

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Emails laptop

How to build an email list if I don’t have an audience yet

How to build an email list when you don’t have a solid audience is one of the most challenging things I found building this blog. It takes time, sure. But even with this, you need to start ASAP, and if you are an extremely impatient guy like me, you will be looking to get more subscribers every day. You can help the process and develop some strategies to gain some traction in this early stages. Let me tell you how. Rule number one, figure out what your readers most need First at all, if you are trying to attract subscribers

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niche market

How much should I narrow my niche market to build a meaningful audience?

If you are in the process of building an online audience you have listened to a number of times that you need to identify your niche market, ever better if you find a micro-niche. Easy to say, really hard to do it (if not impossible) when you just start your business. So let’s talk here about some myths and truths about defining your niche market for your content marketing strategy.   What is a niche market? A niche market is a segment of a market, which represents similar characteristics such a demographics, etc. Why I need to narrow down my niche

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Report January 2017

2017 planning: topic definition, content creation and finding my voice on a high saturated market – January 2017

Let me start with a quick summary of what you will find in that reports. I want to share with you my whole journey in building my personal business, my lifestyle business. I am doing this by creating an Audience based on the content I will share on the process. If you are here, probably you are on the same journey than me or you are still on your corporative job where nothing makes sense anymore. The idea is to share everything, the achievements and failures with brutal honesty. I think is too many people talking about “make you rich

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