How to plan your next International Business Show

Update your marketing materials If you are preparing your next International business show you need to be up to date and show an up to date message to your potential clients, partners, associates or even to your competitors. That sounds such a basic step to do before to go to a trade show but also is one of the most common mistakes I see on my clients. By default, any marketing material should be in English and complementary in the local language on the market we are expanding. Some markets are more “open language” than others if we attend a

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Why you will need export to Brazil in the future

Why you will need export to Brazil in the future Most of my clients ask me why they should be export to Brazil in that difficult times for the country when their economy is struggling and the only positive sign are the Olympics. Most middle market companies have limited resources to expand their business internationally. They can’t afford to have a presence everywhere as large multinationals do. Therefore, the selection of the right country to internationally expand their business is vital for them. In this regard, Dr. Doria and his coauthors recommend a counterintuitive strategy in the new book “Oasis.

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4 Tasks You Should Outsource On Your International Expansion

4 Tasks You Should Outsource On Your International Expansion One of the first steps in an International Expansion process is a company assessment to figure out the real resources we have, about production capacity, finance, structure and human capital. Human capital is an interesting one, because if we want to succeed in the international markets we’ll need people with specific international skills to lead the company in that journey. Delegating the whole process to your staff is a common mistake I see frequently with my clients, this is typically motivated by two factors: Lack of investment: the biggest mistake is trying

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4 productive habits executives do when they are travelling

4 productive habits executives do when they are travelling Catching up on your business reading The day to day work could be hectic for most of the executives who need to attend a big number of projects, meetings, phone calls and other unexpected tasks. The time we spend travelling is a really good opportunity to become more productive take advantage of having no signal and be a little bit disconnected from this overcorrected world. Here is a great time to catch up with that interesting business articles you have saved for a quiet moment that never arrives. Industry books, magazines,

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How to Use LinkedIn For Your International Business Development

When we approach a new market we are going to need basically 2 things in a first early step: information and connections. LinkedIn is a great tool to start working in that two areas without any investment. On my opinion, LinkedIn is the most interesting social network for business professionals interested in establishing B2B connections. With more than 443 million users in more than 220 countries offer virtually no limit of connections for international business developers seeking for new opportunities. Image source: LinkedIn Build a credible personal brand LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for B2B professionals, if you are using

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What kind of International Business Developer are you?

What kind of International Business Developer are you? On my professional life, I am in contact with too many different types of International Business Developer, Export Directors and other sales people involved in the international expansion. There are a few prototypes repeating over this roles and I would like to share with you to discover which one applies to you. Traveller-style They are totally active persons, that kind of people you never can find in the office when you call them and their email replies to you with an automatic response like “Sorry I’ll be travelling the next 2 weeks”.

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Why high-end professionals work Hollywood-style?

Why high-end professionals work Hollywood-style? Top professionals in any field are highly demanded because a number of reasons, they are experts in a specific niche or micro-niche, influence an industry, contribute with knowledge and therefore attract the big clients and charge the highest fees. The way these top professionals interact with corporations is very interesting, they are not interested in working 9 to 5 on an employee basis, they can work with a lot of greats companies in that terms. Why put a limitation to their options with only one project and client? When you are a top rated professional

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The New Economy Paradigm: Information era is dead, Talented era is here

It is very interesting to follow the economic history evolution across human development. Historically there always exists a key component that brings wealth, power and control over the rest. First, there was strength, the most powerful armies would conquer and dominate the rest. After this, there was land, the people who owned the land were in control of the wealth. Capitalism brought a new way of control, money. And finally money has given way to information, everybody knows this. But now, information is dead because everybody can get access to loads of quality information for free or almost free. The

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3 steps to build an International Personal Brand

Tell your (international) story At this point everybody knows how powerful is to tell your story to others and the how makes you (and your company) more credible. Sales is no anymore about cold calling or massive impersonal emails, is more about to connect with others in a credible way. If you have an international story, professional experience, international client or case study or simply you work remotely with people in other countries tell to everybody. Approach at least 2 different markets Be connected with people from different markets/countries in these days is really easy. You can find an associate

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