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Why you shouldn’t set up another StartUp business

Creating a startup business is cool. That’s a fact.   You are the cool dude of your friend’s group, the entrepreneur, the guy who is doing all the difference. And the big mistake here is becoming a kind of arrogant entrepreneur. I lived this in first person, and I see in others the same process, basically as a “cool dude entrepreneur” you focus on the environment more than in the value or the essence of your personal business ambitions. If you ask to one of those cool dudes (of course, not all entrepreneurs are equal), “why do you do what you

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I quit my job

How I quit my job to start a personal business and how you can too

How to quit your job, those are big words. Let me start telling you that this is not a post about how to make money overnight and then quit your job and start an entrepreneur life quick and easy. Find the real reason why you want to quit your job Sometimes we are trying to escape from something urgently but we don’t pay enough attention for the reasons behind. Start your own business is a very important decision and you will need to be mentally prepared to take that step. There is a lot of reasons why somebody could quit a job,

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start an online business

How can I start an online business if I have nothing to sell yet

Short answer, yes. You can start an online business even if you don’t have a product yet. Let’s go now with the long answer, which probably you are more interested about. When we start a business, any business, we are targeting a specific market segment with specific problems and we deliver a solution to that problems. I am sorry for the conservative people to be so minimalist with this definition, but it’s still true. So, can we start an online business by building and audience at first? Yes! You can do that by delivering quality and valuable content that connects with the segment

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meaningful business purpose

The 4 key factors to define your meaningful business purpose

You may want to start a business for a lot of reasons, all of them are totally acceptable, of course, but I am especially interested in those people that want to create something else than a profitable business. This is the reason for that blog. I have my business already, I have clients, services and made enough money to have a comfortable life. Instead of focusing on developing that business, get more clients and make more money, something inside me is not happy. Because is not about money, is about something else, I call this The Business Purpose. How can you

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industry expert

Why you can’t become an industry expert anymore

I am sorry for telling you this but, you can’t be and industry expert anymore. The world is massively connected, the markets are saturated and in your industry is too many people making noise. Trust me, there is too loud to send a message to your whole industry and expect to be seen as an expert. Is this the end? Of course not, this is just a change. And in my opinion, a very interesting change, let’s see how you can succeed in your industry even when the major part doesn’t see you as an expert. You can’t be the

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global content strategy

Why translating your content is killing your global content strategy?

Everybody want to be global, having a global influence we can get access to a bigger amount of readers, users and of course, clients. Using an online business we can go anywhere in the world and we believe that we have a global business. And don’t misunderstand me, potentially it is a global business, but not in the practice. Let’s review in this post why so many digital companies and infopreneurs are leaving a lot of money on the table simply because they don’t take care of those people in different markets ready to pay for the problem they solve

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happy new year 2017

How to fire your boss in 2017. FINALLY!

2016 is gone and I wish you a great and successful 2017. If I could desire you one single thing for the 2017 my desire would be to you to finally fire your boss. Yes, nothing else, I wish you to be free, to be brave, to own your career and design a great future to you and your family. Let’s talk about a few important points to fire your boss. Your boss needs you more than you need your boss When you are working on a corporate work, you are basically changing your time for money, but also you are

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be unique

How to be unique in any market and don’t care about competitors

One of the biggest worries, when I started on business, was to find the perfect niche, and in my opinion, this idea is sometimes overrated. Doesn’t matter which niche you choose if you are not different enough because at some point any competitor will arrive at your niche and then you will have a problem. If you are creating an online business based on you, if you are an online solopreneur, online entrepreneur or whatever you want to call it, you have to be unique to create your own market. Let’s talk about how you can be different, relevant and

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How to be a successful blogger in 6 key steps

I was always interested in why some people are most successful than others doing what they do. Obviously, they do something different to the rest, maybe consistently do key things that generate higher results. How to be a successful blogger is something that we all can learn. I did a deep research on the web and identify a pattern that all successful bloggers has in common and I am going to show you here how you can learn and practice this skills until you become a successful blogger. Do you like the plan? Let’ do it.

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Top 10 mistakes in starting an online business

Top 10 mistakes in starting an online business Tweet0 Share0 Share0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 What would you learn here? 1. Not defining your niche marketStart from your passion and then make it profitable2. You are not solving an important problem 3. Putting your focus on the little stuffPriorities when starting an online businessWhat can you delegate on your online business?4. Be one more in the crowdWhich consequences have not to be different enough?5. You are not engaging with your audience6. Not investing in your online businessWhich areas should you be spending money at your online business?7. Not being passionate about your

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