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Guía definitiva para encontrar tu nicho de mercado online

Personalmente, pasé mucho tiempo intentando encontrar el nicho de mercado para mi blog y te puedo asegurar que invertí mucho, pero que mucho tiempo en ello. Por este motivo he escrito esta guía completa para ponerte en la dirección correcta si estás tratando de encontrar tu propio nicho para tu blog o negocio online. Esta no es una guía para todo el mundo, esta es una guía para aquellos que pretendan crear algo diferente y relevante, para personas que quieran crear un negocio online personal connectado con sus pasiones para ayudar a mejorar la vida de los demás. Si sigues

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Best business podcasts for online entrepreneurs

I am a huge enthusiastic of podcast, especially business podcasts, I learned a lot from them and I think this is a great tool to get quick access to new content. I want to talk you about the best business podcasts I am listening right now, they did a huge difference on my online business results and I am still learning everyday from these guys.  I am sure you can learn and improve your knowledge whether if you are a starter or an advance online marketer. Marketing School Let’s start talking about Neil Patel and Eric Sui, your hosts in

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The ultimate guide to finding a niche market for your blog

I struggled a lot finding a niche market for my blog and I invested a lot of time on this. This is why I write this complete guide to putting you in the right direction if you are trying to figure out the niche of your next online business. This is not a guide for everybody, this is an ambitious guide for people who want to create something different a meaningful, people who want to discover their deep passion by helping others. If your follow this steps, you don’t just will find a niche market, you will find YOUR niche market

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Cómo trabajar desde casa online y evitar ser un Lonelypreneur

Trabajar desde casa online puede ser unautentico reto, de hecho, no todo el mundo es compatible con esta modalidad de trabajo, se necesita foco, determinación, automotivación y otras importantes aptitudes para acometer tan épica aventura. A menudo se trata de un viaje muy duro y complicado repleto de momentos de soledad y frustración porque nadie más entenderá completamente. – Trabajar desde casa? – Eso no puede ser serio, deberías encontrar un trabajo serio. ¿Alguna vez has que tus familiares o amigos tenían escritas en la frente estas preguntas cuando hablabas con ellos de tu proyecto online? A mi me ha pasado.

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Neil Patel blog: 5 posts that will boost your blog results

Today I am going to talk you about Neil Patel blog, one of the best online marketers right now. He owns tech companies like KISSmetrics, Crazyegg or Hellobar, also has advised companies like Amazon, NBC, GM. Sounds like the kind of person you should listen if you are interested in growing your online business and learning some tips about the business right? Not convinced why you should check out his blogs? Ok, just type on google “online marketing” and check the first 2 results. This is what you will find… Guess who owns the first 2 results and Yes, Neil

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How to work from home online and avoid to be a Lonelypreneur

Working from home online could be such as a challenge, not everybody is able to find the focus, determination, self-motivation and other important skills to succeed in that epic adventure. It is a hard journey sometimes, could be lonely and frustrating because nobody else will understand you. – Working from home? – That can’t be serious, you should find a real job. Did you ever read this in the mind of your friends and family? I did it. I have good news for you, you can create your own home business, work from home (or wherever you want) and have a

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Por qué soy un solopreneur online y nunca volvería a trabajar por cuenta ajena

Llevo siendo un solopreneur desde hace 15 años, y sin ninguna duda, han sido los años más difíciles y desafiantes de toda mi vida profesional. Pero a pesar de esto, nunca volvería atrás a un trabajo de 9 a 5 en una oficina. Simplemente me encanta trabajar desde casa o desde cualquier otro lugar del mundo con solo mi portátil y una conexión wifi. Trabajar como un profesional independiente es una tendencia al alza, algunas fuentes dicen que en 2020 el 40% de los trabajadores en USA serán freelance. Estamos experimentando ese cambio ahora mismo, e incluso algo más importante

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Why I’m a solopreneur and I will never work in a corporate job again

I have been a solopreneur for the last 5 years, and without any doubt, they have been the most difficult and challenging years of my professional life. But despite this, I will never go back to work in a 9 to 5 corporate job. I simply love working from home or having the option to work from anywhere really, on my own projects. Working as an independent professional is a growing trend, sources say that in 2020 40% of America’s workforce will be freelancers. We are experiencing this change right now, and something more important than that, the fusion between freelancers and

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How to plan your next International Business Show

Update your marketing materials If you are preparing your next International business show you need to be up to date and show an up to date message to your potential clients, partners, associates or even to your competitors. That sounds such a basic step to do before to go to a trade show but also is one of the most common mistakes I see on my clients. By default, any marketing material should be in English and complementary in the local language on the market we are expanding. Some markets are more “open language” than others if we attend a

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Why you will need export to Brazil in the future

Why you will need export to Brazil in the future Most of my clients ask me why they should be export to Brazil in that difficult times for the country when their economy is struggling and the only positive sign are the Olympics. Most middle market companies have limited resources to expand their business internationally. They can’t afford to have a presence everywhere as large multinationals do. Therefore, the selection of the right country to internationally expand their business is vital for them. In this regard, Dr. Doria and his coauthors recommend a counterintuitive strategy in the new book “Oasis.

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