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How to create a remarkable brand experience — with Dino H. Carter

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Even if you are aware of it or not, your brand leaves an experience to your customers.

The way your clients interact with you, talk about you, engage with you and value your business and services is based on the brand experience that they got.

Good news is that Dino H Carter, brand expert is here today to share his experience with you and help you create a remarkable brand experience that engages your current clients and attract new ones.

Dino is the founder and owner of D Branding, a consultancy firm based in California. He is an experienced brand expert and has helped clients from many industries.

He confessed to me that what he likes more about his job is to help business owners to get excited again with their businesses!

And today you will get all that advice here.

We talked about the beauty of using storytelling and content marketing to build a business with UNIQUE values that stand out from your competitors.

And How many businesses make the mistake of not having a ‘customer-centric” brand strategy and how you can solve this problem.

You will find this and much more in today’s episode interview so get ready your notepad to write down the great tips and strategies that Dino is sharing with us today.

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What you’ll learn in today’s episode about your brand experience

  • How to develop a customer-centric brand
  • Design a remarkable brand experience based on your unique values
  • How to communicate with your brand the RIGHT message
  • How to match your personal brand with your corporate brand

Where you can find Dino H. Carter + a little present

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