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Why a Content Business can change your business and your life forever

Clever business man

I love the idea of a Content Business as a way to start from scratch. Some people talk about that as a way to capitalise your knowledge, other people focus on a personal brand strategy.

I think is a lot more than that.

Either way, we all are talking about the same: the capacity to create a significant business around a content marketing strategy.

Do you want to know why you should be doing this with your business?​

Difference between a traditional business and a content business

First things first. What the hell is a Content Business?

Ok, what I call a content business here, is a business which the primary marketing strategy is Content Marketing. But just that, the main asset and the primary growth factor is the high-quality content.

Simple, but no easy.

Traditionally, a business market their products, generate leads and then salespeople start a sales process, customer service, upselling, cross-selling, customer service and so on.

Ok, this is a vast simplification, please don't boo me for that.

Old school business 

We all know what a traditional business scheme looks. There a huge number of variation attending the different business models, but in essence, looks like the graphic below.

The traditional business sells services and products and uses marketing to get access to potential customers, then start a sales process to gain clients.

And that's it. Do you want more customers? Invest and increase your sales and marketing efforts. Do you have more customers? Increase your operational staff to deliver the right services or products to your new clients.

This business could be operating for X years, of course, there will be a brand positioning and a market share. Other than that if they stop doing marketing and pushing sales actions, the new clients will stop coming.

Why? Because they are focused on potential customers, that's all.

That sounds reasonable; this is the business model we all learn in University, Business Schools and any other place.

But let me tell you, there is a new way of building a business.

traditional business

What is a Content Business?

Content businesses work in an entirely different way.

The main effort is on generating compelling, actionable, relevant and useful content to teach and improve people's life.

More importantly than that, even if they are not your customers, even if they are not willing to pay yet for your services or even if they don't need your services yet.

The purpose on this is to create something bigger than a client portfolio and generate a cash-flow as soon as possible that keep the business alive.

You are creating an Audience, an engaged audience, this is the most powerful sales and marketing asset that you can ever create for your business in these days.

Check the graphic below how a content business works.

content business

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Why do you need a business based on content?

Because there is too much competence, you need to stand up from the crowd, or you will die (in business terms, of course).

Building a business takes time and requires investment, there is not secret on this. But today, we can leverage the internet to create a business with fewer resources than ever before.

Businesses are democratic!

You can create amazing content coming directly from your expertise, your clients, your knowledge, your industry theories and your point of views. And today you can capitalise all these into a profitable business.

The way in doing it's creating a Content Business, and that gives you access to a whole global audience.

Why is this so amazing? Because of a content business is making you independent from corporations and traditional jobs. At the moment that you create a business content, you are building an audience and then, with a paying audience you have your piece of the market to make a living in your terms!

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Why should you invest in High-Value Content for your Business?

My crazy (but real) theory of Digital Karma

Yes, I know, I know… Sounds crazy and you don't believe in this shit.

Why should you invest your time and resources in creating high-quality content just for free?

Because you are not going to die tomorrow —we hope so.

Ok, that's probably the weirdest content marketing definition you ever listen so far. But still true if you pay attention to the important thing behind that silly words.

You need to play long-term with your business, and every year should be better than the year before.

Just let me something, when was the last time when you ask yourself: "I am wondering where my next client will come from?"

Have you ever feel that sensation? I am sure you did, exactly like my and any other person running a business. This uncertainty is the worst feeling a business owner can experience.

Well, let me tell you something, if you do content marketing, if you transform your business into a content business you can delete this question from your daily list of worries.

Let me tell you why.

Creating a profitable Audience

An audience willing to pay for your services or products, this is the key, the whole point, this is why you need to invest time, resources, effort and money in generating the best content in your industry.

You need to be remarkable. Good, it's not enough anymore.

Having an audience is a tricky part of the equation, I'm not going to lie you, it is the most difficult part.

But also, it is the essential element. If you can build an audience, and I mean a real audience!

Make your business competitor proof

I love this idea.

We are living the most pleasant times in human history to start a business, start a personal business, and that's amazing. But, at the same time, that means there is an enormous amount of entrepreneur, solopreneur, independent entrepreneur, freelancers and, of course, large corporations and established companies, fighting for a piece of the cake.

How can you compete with all this craziness?

Well, in fact, you don't need to compete with anybody, at least, before you figure out your business identity and what make you different. You need to find your voice, your angle about your industry or your niche.

different business

This identity is much more than your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), this is about you as a human before than a professional and as a business.

How can YOU help others in a way that no one else can do?

The way that you uniquely help others is the key to surviving in this hectic, noisy and overpopulated global market.

Stand out from the crowd

Creating your content legacy, you are standing out from all your competitors, with your point of view, your theories and your angle about your industry problems.

A content business is a highly compelling way to gain credibility and authority and, therefore, take advantage from your competitors.

In 5 years your industry, whatever it may be, will be led by those who create more influence with their content. You can start building that today.

Unblock other business opportunities

A content business builds brand awareness, build credibility, build authority but also build personal brand —whether you are marketing your personal brand or a corporate brand.

The person behind the content gains a leader position in the industry, becoming ultimately in a thought leader.

That give you exposition in your industry and eventually, unblock a lot of great business opportunities waiting for the best professionals who  stand out on their industries.

Do you want to be one of them?​

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