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This is the key question to be a better content marketer


Building a content business takes time and effort, but you can have a lot of fun on the journey, so relax and enjoy discovering who are the real people behind the numbers on Google Analytics, because this is the reason in all of this, the people.

Additionally, you have a podcast episode of The Content Way where I explain with my own words the topic.

Let’s go to it!

How will this content improve your audience’s life?

That’s the question!

Simple but ambitious, direct but profound. That is the question that will give you the perspective to resonate with your audience.

Because the most common problem when you are creating a new piece of content is to target yourself.

Repeat the wise words from the Content Jedi Master, Joe Pulizzi: “I am not the target of my content.”

Repeat this sentence: I am not the target of my content. Business owners and marketers tend to bend their content to  their  thinking. Don’t fall into this trap.

If you are thinking and acting like media company and publisher, everything you do with your content marketing will begin and end with your audience.

If you don’t understand the wants and needs of your audience, there is no way you can be successful with your content.

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That is your ultimate goal when you are creating content, help your audience from your unique angle, bring value and improve their life.

Is not just about crafting a few words, follow some SEO rules and hope that Google index and rank your post to drive some traffic.

Let me tell you something.

You cannot build a community or an audience just driving traffic to your website. If you want to build a substantial audience, you will need to deliver high-quality value with your content, the kind of content that resonates with your target and leaves a remarkable message.

You need to serve your readers with the most valuable content, and because of this you need to put your focus on your audience and adopt a “publisher mind”.

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Are you touching their needs/pains/hopes/goals?

In other words, do you really know your audience?

You will need to know your audience very well if you want to improve your skills as a content marketer and grow a real business around your content. You need to move from a blogger to a marketer who target an accurate audience with a content strategy.

Not just a brief idea like if they are hanging out on Instagram or LinkedIn. I am talking about a real knowledge based on a real conversation with them —via post comments, emails, social media posts, phone call or any other channel—, You need to have a crystal clear idea of who is your audience and what they want.

Go one step further with this, what do they prefer Star Wars or Star Trek? Beach or mountain? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Mexican food or Chinese food?

This is how deep you need to drill down into your audience.

Off topic note: I am a totally Star Wars guy as you may notice with my comment about Joe Pulizzi.

Of course, to have this level of knowledge takes time, a lot of time, so don’t be stress about this and just keep in mind that you will need to be discovering what they like and what they want. Constantly.

Can they apply your content?

Make it actionable!

If just one of your readers could take one action that produces a positive impact in her/his life, that will be a huge victory.

Personally, I consume two different types of online content —other than for entertainment purposes—, the one who help me to solve a problem and the one who help me improve my skills.

My biggest goal when I produce a new piece of content is to help someone in any way possible. Whether if they can implement a little concept of my ideas and improve their life or if I can inspire to take action in some way.

If someone leaves your site after reading a great piece of content and share on social media, that’s great. But if you give something easily actionable that they can implement and get some positive result, this is a remarkable impact on your audience.

Are you solving the problem from a new angle?

On the internet is more content than ever, according to WordPress data, 79 million new posts are published each month. This is an enormous amount of content.

The important question here is: “How much of that content is worth to be read?”

As you can imagine there is a lot of similar content, people are talking about the same subject but using different words. This is what I call “fried content”.

Did you ever see an old-school food truck? I remember going to the fair with my parents when I was little, a big fair came once a year to my hometown and they brought every kind of fun attractions.

But I remember the food trucks; they have a huge frying machine where they did everything! Chips, burgers, nuggets, churros…. ok, maybe that memory got worse over the years on my mind, but I remember so messy.

The thing is that I remember the look of that oil: the smell, the colour, the darkness… disgusting.

fried content

I am sure you got the idea.

That people fried anything using the same oil and the result were just rubbish; please don’t do the same with your content, don’t “fry” your content in the same oil than everybody else is cooking their content because you know how the result will be.

People want fresh content. So please, the next time that you create a new piece of content keep this in mind and try to bring a new and unique angle to your audience.

ACTION PLAN to be a better Content Marketer

Finally here are a few simple actions that you can do to implement today’s post.

  • Before creating your next piece of content take a minute to review your Audience Persona and focus in just one person. Put yourself in her shoes and focus on talking directly to that person.
  • Choose the voice, the language and examples that better match with that target persona because you are building a one-to-one conversation.
  • Do a research on the internet and find the most popular content talking about that topic, then identify the gap the are not covering. What’s is not being said and your audience is willing to know?
  • Specify clear action points to help your audience apply the content you are giving away. Knowledge is useless unless you can implement it in a useful way.