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Report January 2017

2017 planning: topic definition, content creation and finding my voice on a high saturated market – January 2017


Let me start with a quick summary of what you will find in that reports.

I want to share with you my whole journey in building my personal business, my lifestyle business. I am doing this by creating an Audience based on the content I will share on the process.

If you are here, probably you are on the same journey than me or you are still on your corporative job where nothing makes sense anymore.

The idea is to share everything, the achievements and failures with brutal honesty. I think is too many people talking about “make you rich overnight” secrets and systems.

My plan for 2017

Because this project is starting in January 2017 I am giving to me a 12 months period to learn, experience, implement and grow.

So, I am not expecting any incomes from here in 2017, I am a very lucky guy in that sense because I have my other business (international trade consultancy) to support myself.

As you might notice if you read my about me page, I am from Spain, so English is not my mother tongue. Be patience with me because master the tricky art of communicating in a second language is one of my primary goals for this year.

BTW, any grammar feedback will be welcome.

I am more focus on creating a good engagement than in visits, page views, bounce rates and other stats.

The key metrics I am looking for are shares, comments, email subscribers and email feedback.

The big goal for this whole 2017 is the content generation, I want to test myself, find my voice, find what the audience want and establish the based on my content marketing strategy to generate high-quality content as regular basics.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: this is not a project to build just a business. As I told you I have a business and could be focusing in that right now to keep growing it. This is a personal desire, a personal purpose and the aim to create a business that helps other in an area that I’m truly passionate about: everybody has a business inside and the potential to change the world for better.

Paying for my first mentoring

Another good think I did to invest in the project was to hire a mentor for a one on one season via Skype. That was around $170 for 1 hour season, basically to help me with the strategy and topic definition.

To be honest, wasn’t exactly how I was expecting, probably because on my head was not a clear idea of what I wanted to do by them.

Anyway, the experience of hiring somebody to help to figure out the topic definition about what I’ll be writing and focusing the business was not totally great. Of course, not because the mentor wasn’t good enough (which he really was), just because I personally think this is a personal process, a path I have to walk alone.

I’ll be considering in the future do more mentoring focus in more specific areas of the business.

Support: don’t do it alone

Talking about Fizzle and all the other support

How many visits did the blog in the first month?

Well, that was a hard starting point because in January I was defining the content strategy, audience definition at the same time I was writing the first posts on the process.

Let’s take a look at the month’s traffic statistics, via Metricool:

content marketing strategy

As you can see the blog starts absolutely from scratch, 348 total unique visitors for the first month is a very low traffic generation but I am quite happy in global terms, the content is finding a purpose and I start identifying the most relevant content for that early Audience.

In terms of engagement as you can see, there are a couple of comments for 4 posts in total, which is not great but not devastating according to the low content generated and the lack of traction at that point.

Posts reprt January 2017

On those 4 post, I have a clear idea about what is more likely and the way to go on my content marketing strategy.

Tool of the month

With any doubts this month I’ve been using Metricool, a software specialises in generating very easy and useful metrics for your website and social media.

They gather the date from your Google Analytics, process and show you in an extremely easy, useful and beautiful way.

It is totally free so, I encourage you to take a look.

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