How to amaze your clients with tailor-made content


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How to amaze your clients with tailor-made content

How to amaze your clients with tailor-made content

Let me tell you an uncomfortable truth about content.

NOBODY cares about you and your shit.

Sorry, about the hard begging today. But the sooner you learn this, the sooner you’ll put yourself in the right direction.

And, what’s the right direction you might be asking right now.

The right direction is switching your mind from blogger to publisher. From writing your “stuff” to writing for THEM (your audience).

The mistake #1 why a content business fails is the lack of focus on a particular audience persona.

In my case, all started making sense when I change my point of view about the content I create. I start putting my focus on my audience.

I have established a systematic process to be in touch with them and get as much feedback as I can. AKA figuring out what they really want.

Because you know something? There is a huge difference between:

  1. What people want
  2. What people desire
  3. Wha people are willing to pay for

If you can identify those factors in your audience, you are in the right direction.

Let’s continue.

Do you know who you are talking to?

This is the first and most important question in every content strategy. Whether if you are a solopreneur or a multinational corporation.

This is very simple. You either know your audience, or you don’t know what they want. And then, you are basing your whole content strategy on GUESSWORK.

How do you know if you are at this point?

Ok, let me know if this situation sounds familiar to you:

You spend a couple of days writing a post, doing the research, checking other popular posts on that topic.

You do the keyword research. Using, or similar, the free version, of course.

Then, you have a clear idea of what do you want to write.

But at some point, you ask yourself, “Am I writing for SEO or for the people?”, Anyway, this should work…

Then you write a +2,000 words post because you read a “marketing guru” saying this is the magic number to rank well on search engines.

After long hours of writing, you press the button, publish, share it on every single social media profile, and wait.

You jump to Google Analytics, checking the Real-Time view to see how many people are reading the post….


anyone there

Is this familiar to you?

Don’t be afraid. There are two types of content creator:

  1. Those who know that feeling
  2. And fucking liars.

Stay away from the second group.

The question is, Who can I avoid the “crickets sound” anytime I hit publish?

Well, this is not a simple question. But you can start, as I did, changing your perception about why you create content and for who you create content for.

This is a slow process where you need to talk with one person at a time.

Online business looks like a model based on massive numbers. People have thousands of subscribers if not hundreds of thousands.

But everything starts with one single reader, one subscriber. One comment. One share. One buyer.

The approach in building a 100,000 subscribers email list is the same that if you are building your 100 subscribers list.

Talking directly to each person.

To do this you will need two things:

  1. Identify your audience persona(s)
  2. Structure your editorial calendar to communicate with one person at a time.

I want to talk you about a few tips to put yourself in the right direction. We are not going any deep in those points because we could write a whole book just to cover this topic.

(Will be a looooot more in upcoming posts)

Creating content for just one subscriber: case study

Let me show you some real and practical stuff. This is just a sample. There is a lot of other ways to establish a one-to-one dialogue with your audience. But let’s start with this one.

As I told you before I send a survey as a part of my “welcome sequence” email to every person who subscribes to my list. (this is based on the Ask Method, Ryan Levesque, we talked before about this).

The answers I get from this survey are priceless to understand what really want my audience. Rather than GUESSING what the want.

Rather than GUESSING what the want, you ASK them what they want.

A subscriber sent to me something like this a few weeks ago:

customer survey

What I did next, was sending a direct email to this persona, I wanted to know better that problem.

When I did it, I find out the real problem behind why that person was struggling in create more a better content.

He said “Lack of time”, but going deeper there was a lack of strategy and a robust process to create content.

So, I included in my editorial calendar a whole new topic covering this subject.

The first post was How to create remarkable content… When you are crazy busy.

Once finished, I send another email to that guy saying that I made that post just for him. And it was true.

amazed face

I made the post to reply one single subscriber problem.

Is that efficient? How can you build a meaningful audience answering one by one your subscribers?

Simple. There is a little secret. Is not a secret is just pure common sense.

If that person was struggling with that in creating more content, there are more people like him. Period.

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