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This is how to create funny yet not stupid content

funny content show

Are you a funny person?

Maybe you meet someone who is a funny person. The one who always has the perfect comment in the right moment. Ingenious, quick and smooth.

They look so natural at it.

When you meet one of those guys, they stick in your mind no matter how many other people are around.

It’s not just about being funny. There is something entertaining when you speak with them. It’s just easy to talk with that people.

I am going to tell you a little secret, ok?

I’ve tried to “be the funny guy” in the past. You know, you are at a party, meeting new people and you want to cause a good impression.

I was talking with a new group of people, and why not, I thought playing the funny guy role could help.

I know, stupid idea.

The thing is, after a few bad jokes that nobody understood, I just give up. I turned around and went to meet other people in the party.

Today, with some perspective, I can see the main problem. Actually, there were two:

  1. Don’t force yourself to “be funny.”
  2. In real life, you are not a comedian, so don’t join the scene with your “big joke”. It’s so weird.

Let’s see a few tips that I found very helpful creating funny and entertaining content.

But avoiding stand out as a stupid, as I did.

Please, don’t judge me for that story, right?

Ok, move on…

Let’s start from the beginning: What is funny?

What is fun and entertaining for you could be boring for me. Or even offensive.

This is how to create funny yet not stupid content

So, where is the line between funny and not funny?

Let me tell you an example. I think I’ve mentioned this before on a post.

But it’s worth to do it again.

When I moved to the UK, I tested some “Spanish jokes” when I was chatting with British people.

By the way, by Spanish jokes I mean a funny comment that works for me in the past in Spain, so why not here?

What I did then, was literally translate the joke from Spanish to English.

Fail. Big fail.

Let me show you an image: the people stopped talking and stared at you wondering if that was a joke.


When they are wondering if you finish your joke, you have a problem.

That was terribly embarrassing. And was caused mainly for two reasons:

  1. If something is funny in a certain context doesn’t mean it will be fun in a different context. Actually, almost never are.
  2. British humour is soooo… “special”.

Some conclusions here: humour is a very relative thing, so before you create funny content you should know very well your audience.

Don’t try to be funny at any cost. Could be offensive to some people and cause the opposite results.

Tell your miseries out loud

I like to use this tactic to make more fun, or at least, more entertaining my content.

You should tell your personal stories, especially those a bit embarrassing.

When you do it, you show some kind of vulnerability and at the same time self-confidence.

And this is a “fair joke”, because you, the affected, are laughing at yourself.

I just did it before, Did you notice?

I really like how Ramit Sethi uses this tactic to make more enjoyable his content.


He uses personal stories as a part of his content, which is quite serious (personal finance and behavioural psychology).

But that gives to the reader a funny perspective about what he is teaching.

Be creative: craft your own images

Images have a powerful effect. One single image can say more than one thousand words.

I like how Neville Medhora, from, craft images to as part of his content.

That gives Neville’s content a cool and funny style that definitely form his personal style.

Take a look at this one; he was talking about how to get more exposure on social media.


Neville could have used a professional chart made by Hubspot or something like that. But instead, he crafted his own (with Google Draws), which makes it personal and entertaining.

Do not cross the line

There is a very easy way to get noticed and go viral these days.

You can be polemic, offensive, controversial or all at the same time. And eventually, you will get back attention. You know, Tramp style.

But please, please, please, don’t cross that line.

If you are building a business based on your content, you are the main asset of the business. Don’t position yourself as that kind of people.

Do you want to be the Donald Trump of your niche? Up to you.

do not cross the line

You need a joke tester

Here is something that I use and I recommend to everybody.

I test my jokes before I include one on my content.

I don’t always agree with the tester. Which by the way, is my girlfriend. She is British, and she has a corporate job. You know…

(Hope she is not reading this or I’ll be in trouble, I didn’t test this last one!)

But having a different point of view helps to take the temperature before jumping into the pool.

When you are writing out content, everything makes sense in your head, right? I spend a few days with a new topic idea in my mind before I go ahead.

I am biased. So I need a second opinion, as much neutral as possible. And don’t be afraid to cut out from your content a good joke if you are not 100% sure.

The point here is so simple: you are teaching your audience about something, so, the joke add value to the story or is just a funny comment?

If it’s not adding value to your content, then delete it.

O.K. is your time to share one of your favourites jokes ever. Post it in the comments below!

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