Fran Canete | The Content Way

This is the exact amount of words that you need in every piece of content


The exact amount of words you need in every blog post is the exact amount of words you need to say what you just need to say. No more, no less.

I’m sorry, is not a magic formula here, just common sense.

Using fewer words than necessary to say something will make your content incomplete. Using more words than necessary to explain an idea to your reader is just boring.

Yo don’t need 2,500 words in every post you write just because a Marketer Guru said that’s the way to rank higher on Google.

Your mission is to create amazing content, based on your unique angle to solve the problems your audience have. Sometimes you will need 400 words, sometimes 3,000 words and, other times, a whole book.

I know, I know…

What about SEO, what about Google, rankings, keywords, backlinks, social shares, etc…?

Let me ask you something.

What about your reader? When was the last time you wrote something to satisfy your reader without thinking what Google cares about?

Find the connection with your audience and talk with them one to one on an intimate conversation. There will always be time for SEO optimisation and marketing guru tips.

At the moment, focus on conveying your ideas in the way you bring more value to your audience.

A piece of content is great if the right people can read it from beginning to end, at least one idea influences them positively and then, they share the content with their contacts.

Use exactly the number of words that you need to succeed with this purpose. No less, no more.

In this case, 270 words.