How to fire your boss in 2017. FINALLY!

happy new year 2017


2016 is gone and I wish you a great and successful 2017.

If I could desire you one single thing for the 2017 my desire would be to you to finally fire your boss. Yes, nothing else, I wish you to be free, to be brave, to own your career and design a great future to you and your family.

Let’s talk about a few important points to fire your boss.

Your boss needs you more than you need your boss

When you are working on a corporate work, you are basically changing your time for money, but also you are delivering a result to your boss. The best result you deliver, the most valuable worker you are.

Probably you are waiting every month for your payday, looking into your bank account a voice inside your head say to you: “This is why I work hard, probably I deserve more than that but I wish my boss don’t fire me”.

Let me tell you what happen in your boss head every month when you get paid: “I hope she doesn’t ask for a promotion this year because I can’t do it right now, and if she quit the job now would be a nightmare to find another person to keep happy my clients like does”.

Your boss needs you, don’t forget this the next time you check for your salary on your bank account.

Your clients like to do business with you, not with your boss

Business is based on one to one relationships. Companies are made by people and they are willing to do business with people. Think about your clients, who solve their problems, ask their questions, reply their emails, gives the feedback and do any other admin tasks? Yes, the answer should be you, not your boss or the company as an entity.

This is why your clients are still doing business with the company you work for, and your boss invoices them every month, because of your clients, your boss clients, are happy dealing with you and the results you deliver to them.

Let’s think on one indicator to understand better what that means. When you are on vacations, you set up an out of the office automatic message on your email. Then, a week after, you are back to the office and review your emails with a lot of tasks pendant to be done from your clients.

Why? Because you know your clients like nobody else in your company, especially your boss. Your boss has no idea about the personality of your clients, the people who need to CC on the emails, which voice use with them and the way to explain things, the conversations you previously had and why your client doesn’t reply emails after 5 o’clock on Thursdays because they are in Yoga class.

This is the relationship that you build with your clients, and your boss doesn’t. This is why your boss needs you more than you need your boss.

Let me ask you a simple question: Still your client will working with you if you deliver the same results at the same cost as an independent professional? Same cost, same results, same person, different logo on the invoices.

‘I need income stability’ is not an excuse

One of the most common excuses for not starting a business or just work for your own is income instability. You have a family, a mortgage and a lot of bills to deal with every month. You can not allow yourself the luxury of quitting your job and starting your business because even when running your own business will be awesome you need to know that next month you will be paid.

Let me tell you a little secret, your boss, the person who pays the salary with which you paid all those things, don’t have a clue if next month will be paid by your clients and pay your salary.

Income stability is a poor excuse because neither you or your boss will ever have the certainty to be paid every month.

Indeed, is safer to own your own clients, keep them happy and start building a nice client portfolio by your own.


Start your own business is one of the most procrastinated desires that people have. It’s difficult, plenty of problems to be solved and a long journey that you don’t know how to walk. But there is only one way to do it, doing it. Simple as that, setting up an action plan and taking action as soon as possible.

I desire to you all the best in that 2017. I especially desire to you to achieve all your potential, your dreams and your inner success. Something inside you is telling you that you could be doing greatest things, listen that voice, don’t be afraid and take action this 2017.


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