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How to contact ANYONE on LinkedIn (for FREE)

contact to anyone linkedin

Imagine that you could reach out ANYBODY. That key person or decision-maker that you know if you just can pitch your proposal you will gain a huge deal. Ok, I’ll teach you in this post how to GET TO ANYONE ON LINKEDIN. And I am going to show you how my reaching out Tony Robbins, so you’ll be able to contact whoever you want.

In this post, I’m going to tell you how to get in contact with ANYONE.

I’m serious about this. This is not cheap clickbait.

Imagine being able to talk to anyone in the world. Who would you choose to talk to?

Maybe someone with the potential to change your life, or someone with the knowledge you’re looking for?

Even more important, what would you ask that person?

Without the right message, we won’t get the right answer. It doesn’t matter who we’re talking with.

When I think of a top entrepreneur, coach and advisor, Tony Robbins comes to mind.

Since he constantly flies between massive events and appearances on national television (commuting in his private jet), the chances of stumbling upon him at a routine event are rare.

Most of us would like to chat with Tony Robbins and receive his advice. That would boost your business like a skyrocket. And possibly make you a successful entrepreneur.

But seriously. Imagine Tony was in front of you and you could ask him just one question. Or maybe 2 questions. No more than that.

What would you ask him? Probably something like this:

“Hey Mr Robbins, how can I be a successful entrepreneur like you?”

To be honest, we all focus on connecting with top performers, the superstars. But we invest very little time on how to get the most out of those hypothetical encounters.

The right question, the right message, the right interaction, is the way to get the most of them.

Which is funny, because we live in the most interconnected society that has ever existed.

Ok, here’s the deal.

In this post, I’m going to tell you how to contact ANYONE, including Tony Robbins, on LinkedIn.

I know, Mr Robbins is too busy to manage his LinkedIn account himself. But if you can contact him on LinkedIn, you can contact any top performer in your industry.


But the question is, Do you know what you would ask? Because this is what counts.


social selling index linkedin

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Your business idea

What if I tell you that you can directly contact anyone in your industry, for free?

I’m not bluffing.

I’m going to tell you how you can use LinkedIn to contact anyone by sending a direct message right to their inbox.

Even if they are a second-degree or even a third-degree connection.

Why is this so important?

If you didn’t know, LinkedIn allows you to send (free) direct messages to your first-degree connections.

After that, you need to invite them to connect or pay for InMails (LinkedIn’s internal emailing system) to get access to people outside your network.

And that’s where the people you may want to connect with most are found.

I’ll show you in the graphic below.

LinkedIn connections

That’s how it works. If you want to contact someone outside your network, you need to pay for it.

What I’m showing you here is how to contact any of those profiles. Whether they are first-, second- or third-degree.

And most important, how to do it for free.

Send free messages on LinkedIn

Ok, I know, too much talk so far and little action. So let’s jump right into how to reach anyone on LinkedIn for free.

To make this totally credible, I’m going to contact Tony Robbins. So when the time comes, you’ll be able to contact whoever you want.

QUICK NOTE: I hope somebody manages his LinkedIn account and he never read my stupid message. Fingers crossed!

social selling index linkedin

Free Download:

Download my step-by-step guide on how to rank your LinkedIn profile to The Top 1% Of Your Industry On LinkedIn —and get real customers.

Your business idea

Identify your target profile

The first step is simple: you need to identify your target.

What’s your goal for this? Do you want to get access to a big client? Are you looking for a mentor? Do you want to send a collaboration proposal to a key business in your industry?

Define your goal. That’s the main reason you’re here, right?

Cool. In my case, I’ll choose Tony Robbins for two reasons: (1) because is a world-class and highly inaccessible entrepreneur and, (2) because if I can contact him, you’ll be able to contact ANYONE.

Ok, first step done. Easy, right?

Tony Robbins Linkedin

Go to the “Interest” section

The second step is pretty simple. You need to know groups that your targeted contact has joined.

LinkedIn Groups is a super-powerful tool for spreading your message and your content – and, ultimately, building your authority.

I told you about LinkedIn Groups in-depth in another post. You can check it out later.

All you need to know now, is discover the groups that Tony Robbins has joined —and substitute Mr Robbins for your targeted contact.

You just need to open your target profile on LinkedIn and go down to the bottom. There, you will see the “Interest” section.

You’ll see something like this:

Linkedin interests section

This is what LinkedIn understands as the interests for this contact. Basically, because they reflect:

  • Profiles she/he follows
  • Companies she/he is following
  • Groups of which she/he is a member

In this case, Mr Robbins has different interests, but I’m focusing on groups.

Now, hit “See all” and go to Groups. It’ll show you something like this:

Linkedin groups

Good job! These are the groups where Tony Robbins is a member.

You should see yourself in one of these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: You are already a member of these groups.

This is the simplest scenario.

If this is your case, jump to the next step. If not, go to Scenario 2.

Scenario 2: You are not a member of any of those groups.

It’s okay, don’t panic. You just need to go to any of these groups and ask to join. If you have a decent LinkedIn profile, you will be accepted in a few days.

In this case, I wasn’t a member of these groups, so I asked to join one of them.

Which brings me to the next step.

Find your target profile as a group member

We’re close now.

Now you are a member of the same group as your targeted profile. In my case, I have a common group with Tony.

I just need to go to the group and hit “members” to see all the members and search for Tony.

Linkedin groups members

Now search for your particular contact.

Then, hit “Message”.

Find a linkedin group member

It will open a new direct message window. It’s completely free, even if you’re on a LinkedIn free plan.

But there’s just one thing left.

Send a direct FREE message to anyone

The last and most important step: send your message.

You’ve just learned how to contact anyone. That’s a super-powerful tool.

If you use this wisely, you can get access to the person who can bring you a new deal. Or maybe you’ll establish a partnership with a leading brand in your industry.

Whatever your goal, there’s a key contact who can bring you a lot closer to achieving it.

Now, it’s your responsibility to ask the right question, and send the right message.

You no longer have the excuse that you don’t have the right connections. You can get direct access to them.

But let’s be honest. It feels terrifying. Because if we fail, it’ll be our fault. Our inability to catch their attention.

I can send a direct message to Tony Robbins while drinking a coffee from my couch.

But that doesn’t mean anything unless I actually CONNECT with him via a meaningful message with the right questions.

Which clearly, I didn’t.


Contacting tony robbins on linkedin

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  1. Well thanks a lot for this, is amazing and super useful. btw, did Tony reply?

    1. Unfortunately, he didn’t! To be honest, I feel relieved about that because it wasn’t a great message. The goal was to reach ANYONE and show to my audience how to do it. I am so glad that you enjoy my post.

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