This is the problem growing your business creating content



If you are growing your business using content marketing I am sure that you face this weird dilemma.

I know, weird name, but at least you are here reading what is this all about.

The thing is that when you are creating content and growing your business, you are investing a lot of time and resources in content creation and there is not much time left for other things.

Especially for us, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

You need time to create great content and attract new clients, but at the same time, you need that time to attend your current clients, right?

That’s the Contentrepreneur dilemma.

Well, in this week’s episode I show you how to repurpose your content to magnify the impact that you do with every piece of content.

What is repurposing content?

Let me start from the beginning.

Creating remarkable content is essential to building an asset around your business that attracts, engages and converts your audience into lifetime clients.

But there is just one problem. There’s a lot of content out there, and your remarkable content will get lost.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and on and on.

Your audience is divided into many different channels and they are expecting a different type of content in each one of them.

Even the same person can expect one thing on Instagram and expect a totally different thing on LinkedIn.

Here is where repurposing solves the problem and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Repurposing content is the technique by which you transform a great piece of content into little pieces that act as “native content” for many different channels.

Host: Fran Canete

Host: Fran Canete

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