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Guest posting made simple, how to increase your audience

guest posting
Fran Canete

Fran Canete

You are starting creating content, some good content that you know is useful for your audience.

But there is no traction. Visits are stuck. People don’t write down any comments on your posts, and nobody shares the content on social media.

Then, how can you grow your audience? It looks like you are doing everything that you should be doing.

Then what?

Like magic, you read somewhere that Guest Posting is a powerful tactic to grow your audience. And you are wondering if this is another BS about online business.

Well, the truth is that guest posting works. Especially in the first stages, when you are building your audience from scratch, and nobody knows you.

I’ve created this simple, but extremely clear, infographic to show you how to plan your guest posting strategy. Which by the way, you should be doing!

Let’s take a look at it and share your comments below.

Guest posting infographic