Why high-end professionals work Hollywood-style?


Why high-end professionals work Hollywood-style?

Top professionals in any field are highly demanded because a number of reasons, they are experts in a specific niche or micro-niche, influence an industry, contribute with knowledge and therefore attract the big clients and charge the highest fees.
The way these top professionals interact with corporations is very interesting, they are not interested in working 9 to 5 on an employee basis, they can work with a lot of greats companies in that terms. Why put a limitation to their options with only one project and client?
When you are a top rated professional in your industry, the possibility to become an unemployed substantially disappear. Don’t misunderstand me, to reach and stay in the top positions is not an easy job, we can talk about this in future posts. But when you are there, opportunities are all around you and is up to you choose the most exciting ones. But this is much more than just be a freelance.

Why they work freelance Hollywood-style?

Think for a moment on Hollywood professionals, they are in essence jobless working on a project after project and rarely you will find a Hollywood professional unemployed unless is thinking in the next project or just taking a holiday. Of course, there are very different types of “top professionals,” you don’t need to be (at the moment) the Tom Hanks on your industry which obviously have projects lining up waiting to work with him. If I ask you for the top ten illumination professionals in Hollywood I am sure you can’t tell me a single name, but trust me, they work by projects, they have plenty of them and yes, they are jobless. Antonio Paraiso, a colleague of mine, explains that concept perfectly on his video.
I truly believe in this way to interact professionals and corporations and I am sure in the years to coming a considerable number of professional across different industries will be working Hollywood-style offering their high value in many different ways.
What about you, could you work as a new era freelance Hollywood-style?


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