Cold calling is probably the thing that I most HATED in building my business. I am sure you are not a big fan neither.

And the truth is the other person, who is receiving your call, didn’t like it.

So then why cold calling?

Can you imagine if you just can create a system where your ideal clients reach you out asking for your services? Can you imagine if your potential customers contact you looking for some help?

Today, you don’t need to be a huge corporation investing a lot of money in advertising to attract new clients. Actually, corporations and business are struggling more than ever with “traditional advertising”.

Now the good news!

You can pivot your business into a content business model.

You can create amazing content about your market.

You can attract your ideal clients willing to work with you.

Let’s see how it works?

You can not compete if you are like anybody else

You just need to type some topic on Google and check the results. You’ll find millions, if not billions of results for anything that you search.

And that happens in SECONDS!

Information is everywhere, easy to access and fast to get it. This is why raw information has become a commodity rather than a valuable asset.

You cannot compete with all that raw information, for the same reason that you cannot compete if you sell a commodity. Always is going to be somebody with a better price than you.

And then you are out of business.

Ramit Sethi explains the same thing here:


You need to thing in your content as a product, and you can not stand out of the clutter if you create “commodity content”.

To get people’s attention you need to create excellent content. Less than that is just a commodity. Take their attention is half the way in building a content business.

You need to start sharing high-quality information with your clients and your niche. By the way, by high-quality content, I mean information that educates, helps, solve problems and give them a valuable outcome.

Share (teach) everything you know.

Don’t be afraid, explain every detail and be as valuable as you can be.

Why should you be doing all this for free? Because if you don’t do it, anybody else will, and he will take the credit. Guess who your customers will call when they need to hire someone?

Not you, because your name and your brand never show up with valuable content.

If you don’t share all the nuts and bolts of your business, anyone else will and you will lose their attention.

I didn’t have a car accident in the last 12 months!

Here in the UK is running like wildfire a spam cold calling. They ask if you had a car accident in the previous 12 months, so they can help you to claim some money from that.

I’m receiving at least one call every week from this guys.

The funny thing? I don’t drive, and I even don’t have a car.

Stop cold calling

That people are wasting time and money to pay someone to call me again and again.

I don’t need them and, if I needed it, I’d call another company.

Let’s get back to the subject, as I said before, I hate cold calling, and this is one the reasons. Why do I should call someone that is not expecting my call?

A content business model is founded on the opposite premise.

Rather than “hunt” clients, the goal is to ATTRACT the right clients.

Rather than Convince clients on the phone to set up an appointment, the goal is to SEDUCE those clients to work with you.

The power of a content asset

Imagine a savings account. You put money there (hopefully) every month. Those little contributions probably are less than you would like, especially if you check the total balance.

But over time, all those small contributions will make a considerable contribution. The interest rate will make grow your savings year after year. The more time you are contributing, the better.

So, your content asset works in the same way.

If you start creating a base of content around your business, you probably don’t see any different the first day, the first month, and, probably nothing significant will happen in the first year.

But you are contributing to building your content asset the same way you do with your savings account.

The more you contribute, the better results you will get in the future.

You cannot apply a rate interest to your content, but you are building a brand reputation, credibility and authority.

Those three factors will make grow your content results way better than any interest rate on a savings account.

Let your content work for you

Once you have a content asset, your business will continue to work for you.

All that content will be accessible on the internet, indexed on search engines like Google.

New people will read your information months and years after you hit publish.

That means you can help UNLIMITED with your content asset. The more quality content you create, the more notoriety you will have, and more people will have access to your content.

You can scale the impact of your content, and of course, you will scale the audience around your business.


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