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How to be a successful blogger in 6 key steps


I was always interested in why some people are most successful than others doing what they do. Obviously, they do something different to the rest, maybe consistently do key things that generate higher results. How to be a successful blogger is something that we all can learn.

I did a deep research on the web and identify a pattern that all successful bloggers has in common and I am going to show you here how you can learn and practice this skills until you become a successful blogger.

Do you like the plan? Let’ do it.

Be a great reader

It is simple, if you want to be really good doing something you need to learn and practice as much you can to master it. So reading blogs is the first step to becoming a successful blogger.

Stephen King said in his memories that if you want to be a great writer you need to “read a lot and write a lot”. No shortcuts, no secrets. And I think Mr. King is that kind of person that you have to listen if we are talking about a writing advice.

A great action you can do is create your own blogs list, with the best blogs to follow in your niche and outside your niche, I use Feedly to organize all my favorite bloggers in English and Spanish, then I can easily take an overview to what they wrote the last few days. Easy and quick.


I like to read industry books as well, there is a lot of great books talking about online entrepreneurship and online marketing and of course about blogging.

I like to keep my mind full of content, this is a great way to generate new ideas. If you are up to date with the most recent publications in your industry you can write awesome posts and give to your audience the most recent and valuable ideas and techniques.

What we want to avoid is to be just like any other bloggers.

Be different

This is essential if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to be different and give to your audience a unique version that they can not find out anywhere else.

How can you be different and unique in any market or niche?

Think about any big blogger or content creator. We can apply this to any channel, not just blogging. For example video or podcasting.

Let’s think in people like Darren Rowse from problogger.net, maybe you are saying “oh well, How can I compete with him?” The answer is simple, being different and unique by making personal everything that you say, even if you are talking about the same niche.

You can be totally different if you mix your personality with your blog, then you are not just what you say, it’s about who say that and how. What you are doing with this is create your own market, your own niche. Typically this is call and audience, but I think is a lot more to say about this.

Create your personal and unique market

I like to compare this idea with movies. Let’s think of a Hollywood movie, an action one, lots of money and resources invested, great script, great characters, and professionals.

But, what if we do 2 replicas of the same movie with two different main characters? One is Bruce Willis and the other Tom Cruise.

Imagine that you are in the cinema just about to buy the ticket, and there is the two options, same cost, same movie but different character.

Which movie would you pay for?

I am sure you have a preference, and that doesn’t mean that the other film is worst. It is just your preference because you feel a stronger connection with any of them.

But here is the great thing, Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise absolutely don’t care about the people who chosen the other movie because they perfectly know their audiences will pay for them. They have their own market.

So, don’t compete with Darren Rowse or any other blog star, be unique and create your audience, create your personal market and don’t compete with anybody.

Invest in your blog

That’s basic, you are building a business. Maybe in a very non-conventional way, you are creating great content and sharing with the world and little by little your readers are growing and you don’t realize the potential business you are creating.

If you want to impress a new client on a meeting I am sure you will  dress quite smart, taking care of your words and planning your strategy to show to the potential client all your selling points and the best image of the company.

Imagine if you do the same meeting in the cleaning room, or just stand up on the reception without invite your potential client to come inside and take a seat.

It’ll rude and stupid, right?

This is what a visitor feels when come to your blog and you have a poor site design, bad pictures, annoying pop-ups with other brands all around because you are using a freemium version, etc…

If you want to impress, you need to invest at least a bit.

And trust me, if you are taking serious your job as a blogger you’ll never regret that little first investments into your online project.

Investing in your blog will give you energy and traction to go further especially in the early stages when everything looks so slow and difficult.

First time ever I had a WordPress blog I spend days and days with the configuration and the result was an ugly and not optimize website.

Now I paid someone on Fiverr to do the installation and optimization, bought a theme on Thrive Themes and build up the site with Thrive Content Builder. I don’t have a clue about code and I don’t need it to have a professional looking blog, and more important, in just one day work.

Focus on your audience

Great bloggers know perfectly their audience, they are in touch with them constantly and build strategies to listen from them and gather the necessary feedback. With a single one goal, create content that they want and they like.

That’s the key!

Your blog is not about you, is about your audience and you have to know who they are, where they are, what they want, why they suffer, what they dream,…basically you have to know everything!

Content creation should be focused on solving your audience’s problems and establishing with them a true connection with them.

Why do you need to create an avatar?

We can talk about this step in another separate post because there is a whole process to create your perfect avatar. But let’s focus here on how important is to create your avatar.

When you establish your content marketing strategy you will need to talk with somebody, your reader, your final purpose is to solve somebody’s problems. Right?

Then, Why most of the online entrepreneurs don’t know who they are talking to?

If you talk to the crowd, you are like the crowd. And nobody is going to pay attention to you. When you define your ideal reader you are putting all your focus on a specific “kind” of person. And because you understand her problems you will understand which problems you will need to solve.

And this is the perfect starting point to build your content marketing strategy to become a successful blogger.

You have to be as much specific as you can, put a name to this ideal reader, mine is called David, and I identify in David a lot of people that I know in real life and I would like to help by creating an online business that changes their life. This is my starting point when I create content, thinking how can I help David.

A great example of how far you can go with this is John Lee Dumas, he is one of the top online marketing podcasters and he created a video about his avatar!

Yes, a whole video just to introduce John’s ideal reader: Jimmy!

Here you can check the video.

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’1′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’1′ autoplay=’0′]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C3UiQdDrfM[/responsive_video]

Patience and constancy

If we are talking about digital marketing, content marketing or audience creation then patience and constancy become two key factors to succeed with an online business based on your blog.

Takes time create something, and an online business is not an exception. When you create your blog and start creating content, people don’t believe you because you are one more I a huge market. That’s completely normal, they don’t know who you are and why you are different and more important, you will need to find your crew before in order to create your audience.

Remember, you are not creating content for everybody.

Listen to Gary, he knows what I am talking about.


By being consistent in your content creation you will generate more trust, more traffic, more engagement and ultimately more subscribers and sales. Hubspot says that 82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers from their blogs,  as we can see a constant content creation is directly related to your results.

content marketingcontent creation

Promote your blog

Finally but not least, you have to promote your content. Successful bloggers invest a lot of time promoting their content into different channels and ways.

You can create the greatest content but you have also to put this great content into the right places and make it accessible to your audience. Do you remember Jimmy? So John has to promote his podcast where Jimmy potentially is because there is where the right audience will listen the great content he does.

There are different ways to promote your content and most of it are free. We can talk deeply in a separate post about this but let’s summarize the most important ones:

  • Social media, build your audience and engage with them, connect with influencers and establish relationships.
  • Guest posting, write for other blogs with more readers than yours and expose your great content to them.
  • email to your subscribers, even if you have 20 subscribers at that point, they are your most valuable asset!
  • Pay for promotion, you can use Facebook ads and spend USD1 a day to put your content in front of the right audience.


You can see what great bloggers do and notice that clearly, they follow patterns in their behaviors, they take care of the audience and establish a real connection with them. They focus on the important things and invest in the project because they believe in the project.

Everybody can succeed by creating a blog and can do it if as well if you take this as a serious job, as a personal project. Is not about to find the perfect niche or the perfect idea. Is about to find what makes you happy and motivated.

What are your thoughts about blogging?

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