How to beat solopreneur blues and stay focused on your goals all the time



I love being a solopreneur. Homepreneur, infopreneur, digital nomad or whatever you want to call it.

I simply love the concept. But sometimes it gets really hard.

Let’s see a few tricks I use when that Solopreneur blues comes to me.

Be long-term my friend

Building a business, any business, is a long-term project. Forgot about that entrepreneurial idea where somebody set up a business and in a few weeks explode!

That usually happens on movies (about Apple, Facebook, etc…) but movies have limited time. Usually not more than 90 min. And they have to condense in 90 min a whole business journey until “explode” of success.

be water my friend

Solopreneur doesn’t mean lonelypreneur

As a Solopreneur you will spend a lot of hours alone. I probably spend working alone the 90% of my time (not included online conference, Skype, hangout and similar…).

At some point you will need human interaction and if that human is another solopreneur or business related person, even better.

There is a lot of different options you can use to be in touch with other solopreneurs. is a platform where people create local groups with a similar interest, I’m sure you have in your area some related group to entrepreneurship, startup and similar. Just jump on one and try it, you have nothing to lose.

Another great way to be in touch with other entrepreneurs is by joining to local business development organisations. I live in Manchester and there is a few free institutions public funded focused on helping new business. They do networking events, conferences, mentoring and business support.

Of course, you can join online membership sites like Youpreneur from Chris Ducker or Fizzle. You will find a lot of similar people like you building their business from home.

Another way to stay in touch with similar people like you is to create a mastermind group. Even if is an online one. You will get a lot of benefits from that kind of associations.

Stay in the present and be patient

We all are ver ambitious on our business goals. That’s great!

We all start an online business or a blog, and we want 100K visitors a month in 6 months because that will allow you to do all the great things you want to to do.

Then back to the real world, you have 500 visits a month and 59 subscribers on your email list. You included!

You get frustrated because things are not going all the fast you will like. Everything is bad and you start questioning yourself.

“I will never be at that level!”

It does sound familiar to you?

Don’t get stressed. Have a deep breath and relax.

Remember that any big influencer that you follow on your industry right now, at some point was a newbie like you. With exactly the same frustrations.

You can’t  achieve all your goals at once, you will need to go step by step. It is useless put your focus on the big picture, this is where you want to go but it is not where you are right now.

Use reverse engineering

This is a power exercise to me. Give me the focus to concentrate on what is important RIGHT NOW, and nothing else.

I need to visualise myself in 5 years time when I achieve all my ambitious goals I have right now for that time frame.

What I see, the way I do business,  solve problems,  the daily routines that I have, my habits and abilities… I notice everything.

Because this version of my is what will allow me to achieve all my goals.

I can’t pretend to be that person right now. Simply I can’t and that will be very frustrating and stressful. But I can go back from that point and see how was the logical evolutions of myself to end being that person.

Let’s say we are focusing on the person I will be in 5 years time when I have reached all my goals. What was that person doing 6 months before that point? and 12 months before? and 3 years before?

And 5 years before that point? That is, now!

Can you see the evolution? You need to focus on your present, this is all we have. And trust in the power of win little goals.

Because let me tell your something, whatever you want to achieve will take time, effort, learning and hard work. But you only can take one day at a time. So let’s get comfortable, focus on what you should be doing RIGHT NOW to achieve your long terms goals.Do exercise

Do exercise

Sounds simple, but it works.

Anytime I feel frustrated or overwhelmed as an entrepreneur I try to change my mind process to a most productive way, but sometimes I need something else.

Exercise is the best way to stop overthinking and “distract” your mind on a simple physical task. Jogging, cycle, row, anything you like. If you can do it with somebody else, even better.

For my works just go out for short run, with my music or a podcast (not work related podcast), fresh air, a bit of nature. 30 minutes and done. I am a new Fran!

Then back home, shower and the problems 30 minutes ago are not problems anymore. This is because changing my mental process I change the way I look at things, included my “problems”.


You are not alone!

Promise, every entrepreneur or solopreneur have up and downs. This is more than normal. But you will need to learn how to manage then. Even the “up moments”, too much euphoria could be negative as well.

How do you manage your up and downs? I will love to listen from you!

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