How to become a Digital CEO



What’s a digital CEO?

Personally, I consider a digital CEO, be it a person who manages a remote team of employees or a solopreneur who has created a remote team of collaborators around their business.

The death of the hourly based employee.

There is not such an hourly based employee anymore. Teams, remote teams, should develop a goal-oriented focus otherwise does not make sense anymore.

From the employee perspective, is even better, because this implies the death of the one-employer worker and pivot into “independent professionals” that can attend more than one project at a time. Yes, this is a hybrid between an employee and a freelancer.

The importance of showing up (online)

You cannot afford to be the secret CEO behind scenes that nobody knows about. People do business with other people and they need to know the person behind the business.

The way that you can do this is by creating content and sharing your knowledge with your market.

You need to create remarkable content that puts you outside of the crowd.

Becoming an authority in your industry and building your story.

Building and owning your audience, that’s the main asset of your business.

When you become a digital CEO, whether you are managing a small remote team or running your own business as a Soloprener you need to build a future-proof business, and building an engaged audience is the best way to grow and scale your business.

Host: Fran Canete

Host: Fran Canete

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