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Until I figured out this, my content was having ZERO engagement.

I was wondering why my content was having not traction, clearly, I was doing a huge mistake with my content creation.

But I didn’t know what.

My mistake was the same as many other content creators: I was creating content that was interesting for me but not for my audience.

Sounds silly, but this is the number one reason why most of the content out there underperform or goes totally unnoticed.

In this episode, I share with you how to create remarkable content that your audience will care about, and more importantly, how you’ll become an authority and a trusted source of information in your industry.


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Here is a little summary of what I talked about in this episode:

  • Defining your audience.
    • The number one mistake is that you are creating content that is interesting for you but not for your audience.
    • Market research is the key to deeply understand your audience.
    • Identify pain points (real pains and problems that they have) don’t do guesswork, do the work!
  • Start your content with the promotion in mind.
    • How will you promote this content later?
    • Are you mentioning other people, experts, that you can tag later on social media?
    • Can you repurpose this content into small pieces and distribute them through different channels?
  • Answer the questions your audience is already asking.
    • Today’s content consumption is based on asking specific questions, this could be via search engines like Google, or via voice search.
    • Define the topic but also, go deep answering every possible question that your audience actually asks about the topic.
  • What is the purpose of your content?
    • This is a common mistake. Creating content just because we are supposed to create content and show up and we don’t have a clear call to action.
    • This could be promoting a webinar, or redirecting your readers to your podcast, or offering a free download for an industry blueprint and capture their email for lead generation.
    • The purpose of your content could be whatever that serves your marketing strategy but NEVER forget to create your content with this in mind.
  • Update your content.
    • This is a huge part of content creation that people are just not doing these days.
    • There is so much content out there.
    • Think about it, if your niche is nutrition for example and you have a step-by-step guide for intermittent fasting. That’s it. Once is done, is done, of course, you should continue promoting that content but in terms of creating new content around that topic, you probably don’t have much room.
    • Additionally, out there are lots of other intermittent fastings guides.
    • A great strategy would be to update that guide every month, adding new studies, new questions that you detected your audience is asking, maybe a case study from one of your clients, maybe create a video and include that in your guide or a podcast interview to an expert.
Host: Fran Canete

Host: Fran Canete

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