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How to create remarkable content… when you are crazy busy


A few days ago I received a message from a friend. He was waiting for my reply because we were planning to attend an event.

I never replied. That message just got lost with so many others. That would be the brutally honest answer. But my quick default answer was something like this: “I’m so sorry last week I was crazy busy, I can’t do it!

Oh well…

That was one of those “crazy busy” things. He knew that I completely forgot about the message, and of course, I knew it too.

But “crazy busy” just works that way, right?

how to create remarkable content

However, sometimes you are just busy, and I mean really busy. If you are an entrepreneur building a business, there is not much time left. Then, how can you create remarkable content?

And how can you escape from the crazy busy situation?

The short answer is by creating a content creation process.

I know, incorporating a content creation strategy to your business is so hard. Whether if you are a solopreneur working alone on your project or you have a small team.

How can you create a content creation process when you are wondering where the next client will come from?

But there are some tips that you can use to create remarkable content even if you are, you know, “crazy busy”.

Let’s jump to that.

Here is an uncomfortable truth about your business

how to create remarkable content

We cannot do everything for ourselves. You have heard this a thousand times and you are still doing all the stuff by yourself.

Why? There are a couple of reasons, mainly:

  • Money: you consider delegation an expense and not an investment. You cannot afford that “luxury” right now. Maybe in the future. AKA you don’t want to spend your money.
  • Distrust: how can somebody do my job? Everything is in my head; nobody else can do that!

Money is, by far, the number one reason. I know that sounds cooler if you say you are a perfectionist and is hard to find someone capable to do things like you like it. Bullshit.

You don’t want to spend your money. This is all about.

If you want to grow your business you need to delegate (and create a team). You don’t need to build a team of 20 people and setup an office. It could be a team of 2 people who work remotely. Simple.

Let’s make things simple, huh?

I have such a simple mind, so anything slightly complicated tends to overwhelm me a lot. This is why I keep everything as simple as possible —but still efficient.

Delegation can start with a simple task. In this case, you can delegate a simple part in the process to help you create amazing content.

Let’s say you are working on a new piece of content, but there is a lot of work to do. You get blocked, and it’s never done.

What would make your life easier? Let’s think in different sub-tasks that you can delegate here:

  • Research: what if somebody did the research and figured out all the data, facts, references, graphics and other resources about the topic? You can start your content from there much easier, don’t you?
  • First ugly draft: this is what Stephen King calls “write with the door closed”. You can hire someone on Fiverr to write something about your topic, let’s say 800 words. Then you can use that as a draft to “make it yours”. You can avoid the writer’s block. No blank page on your screen anymore. Sounds that like a relief?
  • Edition and proofreading: Will take you some time to find the right person for this one. But if you have the right person, you will save a lot of time. As a result, you just need to do the first draft, the raw content. Your collaborator will do the rest.

As you can see, the idea is to break down the process into little chunks. So you can delegate some of then making your life easier.

And then, you can carry on with your crazy busy life…

Repurposing, the art to say something in so many different ways

Do you want to know a dirty secret about content marketing and content creation?

You can spend your whole life talking about one single thing, from an unlimited point of views.

If you are building your content business, you just need to focus on your main topic. Your core idea. Your content mission.

Then you need to go around that topic in so many different ways. Solving the problem from every possible angle. Teach how to do it in every single way.Now let’s say that you have your piece of content. Let’s say this is a blog post like this one.

Now let’s say that you have your piece of content. Let’s say this is a blog post like this one.

Once you finish the post, you can ask yourself how can you say the same thing in a different way and reach a different target audience.

For example, I certainly could use this content as a script for a podcast episode (which by the way I’ll probably do, so stay tuned).

I could, as well, broke down into different points the main ideas in this post and condense those ideas with some good copy. That could be an Infographic as well.

Finally, I can get the topic and try to explain it from a different angle. I’m talking in the post about three:

How to create remarkable content
How to delegate your content creation
How to repurpose your content

Now I can mix all them and create a fresh piece of content that shows you how to solve the problem from a different perspective.

I’ll say something like: “How to delegate your content creation to craft remarkable content” or “How can you create more content doing less by repurposing”.

Well, obviously I need to invest more time polishing that headlines, but you get the idea, right?

This is the way you create remarkable content consistently and gain credibility in your industry.


As you can see, “I’m crazy busy” to create new content is just an excuse. You can find out a process for everything that you want and content creation is not an exception.

You know something? Content creation is more about technique and processes, and less about natural talent and inspiration.

So, stop complaining and go into this, there is no other way in building your content business. The benefits will be there waiting for you.

Do you want to go deeper in the content creation process, let me know in the comments and I’ll write a new post about this

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