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LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to expand your network, but also, is a great tool to reinforce your relationship with your current network. Especially with employees and other peers. I'll show you in this post how you can build a strong marketing machine with the help of your colleagues.

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How To Engage Your Employees Using LinkedIn (And Build A Powerful Brand)

employee happy

What’s the main reason why some people are more likeable than others?

You know, that kind of people that everyone wants to hang out with.

I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for that. Although I’m not an expert in social behaviour, I’ve read a bunch of books on the subject.

My conclusion is that people are more likeable when they make others feel special.

You know, the people who make you feel comfortable during a conversation by asking the right questions and engaging with your interests.

Think about it. Would you like somebody who only talks about himself and ignores what you like or even who you are? The classic, me, me, me, and more me person?

I recently heard something funny from a comedian that describes that kind of people. He said something like this: “I’m not selfish, I just get bored when I’m not talking about me.”

That’s exactly what I mean.

Why I’m telling you this? Because some companies treat their employees like this, and then wonder why their people just go to work, do the stuff they need to do, and go home.

This is why they do that: because they don’t care about you.

I like LinkedIn, as you know, and here I’m going to tell you my view on how companies can engage with employees by using this social network.

Let’s continue.

Optimize your company profile

If we’re talking about LinkedIn, we need to optimize our page before doing anything else. And just as important as optimizing your own LinkedIn profile is updating your company page.

Want to know who has an amazing company profile on LinkedIn? Cisco. I love what they’ve done.

So let’s use it as an example to follow.

Here is their company profile:

How to engage employees with linkedin

Ok, let’s move to the analysis.

Check out the image above. Pay special attention to the following features:


Needless to say, it’s abasic corporate brand element, but you’d be surprised at how many company profiles don’t have this minimum requirement.

This is important for a number of reasons, as you might imagine, but one particular reason relates directly to employees.

When they fill out their professional profile, they should link their position to your company page. If you haven’t uploaded your company logo, it will display an ugly default image.

linkedin company profile logo

If you take care of your LinkedIn professional profile – and you should – this won’t happen.

Background image

Just be professional and take care of your corporate image.

There is no excuse for avoiding this. Just go to Fiverr.com and hire a designer. It will cost you a few dollars.

Don’t have a few dollars? Go to Canva.com and use one of their beautiful pre-designed backgrounds. They have a section dedicated to LinkedIn company page backgrounds.


About us

Obviously, you will want to share your business mission and vision. The “about us” section is a good place to talk about what do you do and why you are different from your competitors.

You should include a link to your website to redirect traffic to your site.

Job vacancies

Do you want to attract new talent to your company?

Having an active and optimized company profile is the first step, but you can also attract people who are genuinely interested in your business philosophy.

I mean motivated people who care about your business objectives and your brand philosophy.

These are the kind of people you want in your office, right?

the linked formula

The Linked Formula: How to rank to the top 1% in your industry and get NON-STOP leads as an industry authority.

Give your employees the right tools

One of the biggest barriers to delivering good quality online marketing is a lack of the right resources.

Small companies struggle to share relevant and compelling content with their target audiences.

As a consequence, they are not engaging or establishing a real connection with their customers – and therefore, they are not building an engaged audience.

Why do you think your employees will act differently?

I used to collaborate with a company. I was supporting them with some business development advice. At some point, they asked me to write one article per month to share with people on their email list. My content was to be part of their newsletter.

That was a stupid proposition for several reasons, but the main one was: I wasn’t a content creator!

Your employees don’t have to support your online marketing efforts. Actually, in my opinion, it should be the other way around. You should support your employees in their online marketing actions.

How? By making their life easier.

Here is a list of resources you can provide to your team so they can use LinkedIn to promote themselves and your business:

  1. Professional picture profile: Come on, how much it will cost you to hire a professional photographer for one hour? Your company will have a unified picture style, professional and corporate.
  2. Background image: Ask a designer for a good background picture that conveys your company’s core values.
  3. Provide relevant content: You can provide whitepapers, blog posts, video interviews and basically any content resource you can create to help and engage your target audience. You can even create a library of resources and share it with your team.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that YOU need to create a LinkedIn content strategy and provide your employees with the resources they may need.

By doing this, you will see some benefits:

  1. Your employees will improve their performance on LinkedIn dramatically by generate more business opportunities, more valuable connections, and of course, more business.
  2. Your business marketing strategy on LinkedIn will improve, building your brand authority and credibility.
  3. You will be attracting more visitors to your LinkedIn company profile, where, if you completed the previous step, they will engage with your brand.

Providing the right resources to your employees can impact your business results – but you need to feed your team with all kind of materials, resources and the strategy to get everybody involved.

But please, don’t be lazy and ask them to do YOUR job.

Make them heroes!

Whether you want to engage your employees or your clients, the most powerful tool you can use is content.

I am a content evangelist. My whole site revolves around the idea of building an amazing business built on remarkable content.

I call it The Content Way.

If we follow one of the basic principles of content marketing, you create content for your audience, not for you.

I’m sorry, but this is not about how awesome your business is, or your products or your brand.

This is about your employees. Make them heroes, and the consequence will be an amazing brand built by amazing professionals.

Let’s take a look again at Cisco’s company profile:

LinkedIn company employees

This is included in the “Life” section — check the first image to see where it is in the company profile.

In this particular part, they are encouraging professional women in the technology industry.

How? By making them heroes, and producing video content about their employees as a key asset.

Just as your employees are the main asset of your business, great content is the main asset for your marketing.

Invest in creating this kind of content. Think about different approaches. Maybe you can create an interview about how the company expanded to the Middle East markets by creating a case study for Mr. X, your international business developer.

Let Mr. X talk about how he did it, the strategies he followed and how all the problems and barriers he encountered were overcome.

Giving power, attention and focus to your employees and “translating” all that into great pieces of content is the best way to keep them motivated and engaged with your brand – willing to share all that great content that talks about THEM, not you!

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