How to find a profitable niche market for your business



There is nothing more frustrating than creating content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience.

If this sounds familiar to you…

Chances are that you are not identifying your niche market correctly. 

In this episode, I am going to help you find the right niche for your business. So your content will resonate with your audience, and ultimately you will engage with your potential customers and make more sales.

In this podcast episode I talk about:

  1. What is a niche market and why is so important?
    • In short, we can define a niche market as a small, specialized market for a particular product or service.
  2. How to identify your niche?
    • Nich down, and be specific: identify specific problems that you can solve in a remarkable way.
  3. How to pivot into a profitable niche?
    • Going from generalist to specialist by focusing your attention on solving ONE problem for ONE audience persona at a time.
  4. How to overcome the fear of limiting your market.
    • The counterintuitive reason why niching down will allow you to get access to more (and better) clients.
Host: Fran Canete

Host: Fran Canete

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