How I quit my job to start a personal business and how you can too

I quit my job


How to quit your job, those are big words.

Let me start telling you that this is not a post about how to make money overnight and then quit your job and start an entrepreneur life quick and easy.

Find the real reason why you want to quit your job

Sometimes we are trying to escape from something urgently but we don’t pay enough attention for the reasons behind. Start your own business is a very important decision and you will need to be mentally prepared to take that step.

There is a lot of reasons why somebody could quit a job, but you need to figure out your particular reasons, doing a deep autoanalysis.

Why do yo want to quit your job?

Maybe you want more free time to enjoy with your family, you are bored of your industry and you are looking for some new exciting things to do. Maybe you want to travel or live abroad for a while.

You have to be brutally honest with yourself finding the real reasons, because if all that you find is something like “I want more money” or “I want a promotion but my boss never find the right moment do it”, those are great reasons to quit your job and find another one, but probably not enough.

Those are great reasons to quit your job and find another one, but probably not enough reasons to start a personal business. Just to find another job.

I recommend you to look for meaningful reasons that affect to your lifestyle and your professional purpose. This is a great point of view to start planning that important move.

Calculate your MVI

This is a great point, I learn that concept from the guys from Fizzle, I recommend you to check this post.

Minimum Viable Income (MVI), is the concept behind the idea of how much money do you really need to live. As simple as that.

The first question that might go to your head if you are considering quit your job to start your own personal business probably is: Could I pay the bills?

Well, imagine you can sign up an “entrepreneur deal” (I wish that exists), that give you enough money to pay your bills, just that, nothing luxurious just your basic bills. Rent or mortgage, expenses relative to your kids if you have them, food, clothes,… that kind of things.

What that concept suggest is to write down any single necessary expense that you have to carry on with your life for a while. Of course, some people will have an easier situation than others. If you are single, no kids, no mortgage you are freer in terms of expenses and debts than other people.

But still, is not an excuse,  there is plenty of cases of people in the worst personal situations than you and they built an amazing business, starting just from the beginning.


how to quit your job
Infographic from Funders And Founders


Any time I found a problem or a challenge on my journey as an entrepreneur I say to myself: “You are not especial, there were people with more problems than you who built great businesses”.

And of course, you are not especial either. Sorry for the honesty but it’s true.

After calculating you MVI you will be surprised that the result is less than you might imagine at first. This is your goal, you don’t need to make a millionaire business from the beginning and you don’t need to find for the million dollars idea or the next Facebook.

Just find the way to make that MVI, set up your personal business and keep going and building your project.

That feels more relaxing, right?

Find out your ideal personal business

If you are planning to leave your job and work on your own project that has to be something amazing for you, the simple idea of thinking in the project have to make you jump in the morning from the bed.

Otherwise, what’s the point for all that process? This is why I think is very important the previous step to figuring out with brutal honesty the real reasons behind quitting your job.

Sometimes we are running from something painful, from a situation that makes us miserable and we just want to run as far as possible from that situation, but is very important take our time to reflect on the situation and find out where we want to go.

So here you need to design your personal business, something made just for you.

What do you like?

Do you want to change your residence every year? So make your personal business a 100% online based.

Do you enjoy talking with people face to face? Make it possible in the process of your business that you can meet with your audience and future clients in person or maybe you want to create online conferences to talk face to face with them.

Just made what you want!

I wrote recently a post talking about the process to design your personal business, something that makes you proud, a business that you cares. This is the main idea:

Ideal personal business quadrantEstablishing YOUR rules

One typical mistake from first-time entrepreneurs is not defining why they want to be entrepreneurs and what they don’t want to be.

Quite often people see an entrepreneur figure as a carefree guy with converse and a Mac pro running a Startup in San Francisco, pitching for private capital and selling the business to Google for several millions and of course, driving a Tesla (I like the Tesla part by the way).

But this is a stereotype, it is not necessary you. This is not my ideal entrepreneur life, I am happy working from my home office, going to my favourite coffee shop downstairs (in the amazing neighbourhood of the Northern Quater in Manchester, UK, which I highly recommended visiting if you are around) and write this post drinking a cappuccino. Next week maybe I’ll be in Spain visiting some family and I’ll be working from a bar eating some tapas.

This is my ideal business situation, and it is just mine.

You need to find your way, your style, what make you happy. If you don’t want to work Fridays, then plan the strategy to don’t have to work Fridays because you want to go to do your favourite sport. This is what Chris Ducker do, he works from the Philippines with clients all over the world, and he doesn’t work Fridays.

Don’t do it at once and set up deadlines

Don’t be impatient or put in risk your personal situation (and even your family), it’s no rush because YOUR personal business will be there waiting for you.

So, don’t be crazy and quit your job if you don’t have a financial plan to do it.

You can establish a strategy to start working on your project part time, a couple hours a day or just on the weekends. Because if you design your ideal business you will find the motivation and the passion for doing it. And if not, that should be a red flag to review your plan and change what’s necessary.

BUT, don’t wait forever!

You can go step by step, slowly but with a clear direction, this is why you will need a deadline. If you want to quit your job in 12 months time so then establish a plan to do it gradually and committed.

This is all about you, nobody else is going to come and do all this hard work for you and allow you to quit your job in a very friendly and easy way, so take that serious and start working for your dreamed business now.


As you see, quitting your job and setting up your personal business is nothing crazy if you have a good plan, commitment and clear vision about what you want.

Take your time, work on this process, find a mentor to guide you through the process if you want, talk with other entrepreneurs that you know and after a while, you will see it is not that difficult. I am working on my own businesses from the last 7 years and I am far, far away from being a genius.

If you want to do it and you don’t have a vision about what will be your product or services I encourage you to check this post that I wrote about how to start a business when you don’t have anything to sell.

There is plenty of opportunities, and everything else is an excuse.

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