I know everything cocky bastard


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How to teach people blogging… and don’t be a cocky bastard!

I know everything cocky bastard

Did you ever know one of those cocky people? I bet you did.

I have a couple of them right now on my mind when I’m writing this lines. I don’t like that kind of people. Do you? Hope no, or maybe I am the weirdo here.

Anyway. They not just know basically everything about anything, they know it better than you.

I have to confess you something. One of my biggest fears, when I started this blog, one year ago, was to be one of those cocky guys.

Because I started from scratch, I had no experience and solid knowledge on how to start creating great content, build an audience and build a business around all that.

Actually, I’m still a learner. A very happy learner starving for knowledge.

The thing is, how can I teach people and still be honest? I’m such a good guy after all and I didn’t want lie to my audience. But at the same time, I needed to offer something valuable to them.

Difficult balance. Don’t you think?

Ok, let me tell you a few strategies that I follow to avoid be a cocky bastard and yet teach my audience with my content.


Be brutal, totally, crazy, wildly, relentlessly… Honest!

Building a business based on your audience is like starting a relationship with a woman.

You need to show your best attributes because you want to impress her and gain her attention (don’t get me wrong with this, you pervy!).

You probably talk about how good you are doing in business or how many places you’ve travelled.

But if you lie in those early days, you have a serious problem. She will never trust in you again.

If someone is lying you when you are building a relationship is almost impossible to recover the confidence on you again. The base on building a long-term relationship is honesty. Either in life and business.

Building your audience is the same thing. You are creating a ton of valuable content but if someone catches you in a lie… you are done. You will be then one of those cocky guys on the internet.

No amigo. This is not what you want.

Based your content on real and honest facts. We are building a relationship here.

I can tell you that I have created several startups, sell out some of them, and now I am here sharing all my knowledge with you. But that’s not true.

As I said before, I started this business a year ago, I’m learning like crazy and sharing with you all the stuff. Good or bad.

And the good news is, I still can teach people how to do what I already did.

Be funny, but not too funny

This is a difficult one. No joke.

If you can be naturally funny with your content that’s a big plus.

And what does mean being funny? This is a difficult answer, what is fun for you maybe is not for me.

I consider myself such a funny person, but I have one problem. Not too many people get my humour. Honestly. Probably just my close friends get my jokes.

Let me tell you a real story. I am originally from Spain as you may know.

When I just came here to the UK I was meeting new people all the time. I thought a good way to break the ice could be telling some jokes, Spanish jokes, using a literal translation.

Big mistake.

You know that situation when everybody is looking at you wondering if you just finished your joke? That was it.

Being funny is so difficult. The best comedians test their jokes over and over again in so many different ways before they became, you know, “a funny guy” (more about this later).

man laughing

Now, let me tell share with you a couple of good examples of people who use humour in their content.

Marie Forleo is just a funny woman. You can check a lot of her videos on her YouTube channel. Neville Medhora, from kopywritingkourse.com, have a good sense of how far you can go with a joke. Just take a look at his blog. You’ll know what I am talking about.

FREE TIP: I recommend you to find a JOKE PARTNER. Someone you can share your jokes before hit the publish button. Another point of view is essential, very often something is hilarious in your head.

But it not funny at all when you just say it to another person.

Steal authority from influencers and gain credibility

Why Instagram quotes work so well?

They are everywhere, annoying, impersonal and overused. And still works so well.

The power of a quote lays on an inspirational fact from a world class leader.

If I write something inspirational on Instagram, nobody will care. But if there is something said by Winston Churchill… wait a minute! Winston Churchill said something about that topic? Let’s take a look.

Let’s go back to the subject. You can include references in your content from authority leaders in your market to add credibility.

The purpose with all this is to connect and build a real relationship with your audience. In other words, create more engaging content.

And it’s not just me saying that.

54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate is their top priority, according to Hubspot.

Did you see that? (that was a subtle example).

Good references will leverage the credibility and authority of your content. And therefore, your credibility.

If you want to take a look at a great example of how to use powerful references on your content check NerdFitness.

That guys talk about Fitness from an entirely different angle you’ve heard before. They talk about diets, exercises, fasting and all kind of healthy habits. So they refer their content and conclusions to high credible studies, from well

For this reason, they link their content and conclusions to high reliable studies, from well-known institutions, Universities, doctors, etc…

Instead, they have a funny name, when you read their articles you notice that guys know what they are talking about.

The stand-up comedian tactic.

Did you ever watch a stand-up comedy show?

They are great at turning unimportant everyday stories into hilarious anecdotes.

How can they do that?

I feel like I want to be their friend. Don’t you? They just get involved in comic situations more often than you and me.

Nothing is further from reality. They are masters at taking a normal situation and play it in their favour to set up the stage for the big joke!

Do you ever walk on the street and just start raining….

Do you ever put something in the oven and someone knocks the door…

Of course, everybody does those things. They connect with you and set up the stage for the joke.


You can do the same with your content.

If you want to teach or just explain a topic to your audience maybe is not a good idea go directly to the point.

You can setup your stage by talking about you, how you fail several times until you found out how to solve that problem.

That’s a more natural way to teach something, don’t you think?

Imagine that say: “look this is what you have to do, this, this and this. Just works, trust me, I’m the expert here, blah, blah, blah…”

Just doesn’t work that way.

Next time you write a piece of content keeps this in mind. It really helps!

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