What kind of International Business Developer are you?


On my professional life, I am in contact with too many different types of International Business Developer, Export Directors and other sales people involved in the international expansion. There are a few prototypes repeating over this roles and I would like to share with you to discover which one applies to you.


They are totally active persons, that kind of people you never can find in the office when you call them and their email replies to you with an automatic response like “Sorry I’ll be travelling the next 2 weeks”. That’s a good sign because, in essence, an International Sales Developer has to be in touch with the markets the company want to be and the only way is to travel there and put the foot on the ground.


You can recognise that one because they include in their LinkedIn headline an International MBA or something like that, rather than say what they really do (which is the real useful propose for the LinkedIn headline). The good thing with this International Business developer style is that they have a deep and extensive knowledge, techniques and theories about international expansion.

The bad thing is they feel comfortable in the theory and rarely interact with external opportunities like build strategic network.


That one is interesting and very valuable in these days, especially for some sectors and industries. They know   about online marketing, email marketing, social networks, internet tools and techniques to find real business opportunities.

The bad thing, in that case, is that this is not enough in some “traditional” sectors. In my opinion, just at the moment.


This one loves to create and build a relationship with clients, suppliers, colleagues and any other kind of business agent. Which is a great value as for international expansion you need to create strong relationships.

Always in touch with a number of different professionals in different industries allows to have a holistic vision of your industry and gives you the opportunity to react quickly and catch the new business opportunities coming on.

What’s the best International Business Development skill?

In these days is not possible to survive in the global markets just with one of those skills even if you master it. Professionals with interdisciplinary skills are the most demanded just right now and this is because they are achieving the best business results.

If you want to succeed in the international markets you should dominate online and offline environments, you should know the traditional internationalisation channels but also the new ones. Therefore, the combination of techniques and knowledge will make you and your company take advantage to find the international business opportunities.

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