3 steps to build an International Personal Brand


Tell your (international) story
At this point everybody knows how powerful is to tell your story to others and the how makes you (and your company) more credible. Sales is no anymore about cold calling or massive impersonal emails, is more about to connect with others in a credible way.
If you have an international story, professional experience, international client or case study or simply you work remotely with people in other countries tell to everybody.

Approach at least 2 different markets
Be connected with people from different markets/countries in these days is really easy. You can find an associate who brings to you a different perspective and more value in other country and together offer and International service to your clients.
Or you can approach potential clients in another market, connect with them, establish a relationship and share that in your social networks. Remember that you don’t need to start selling from the beginning, the most interesting opportunities come after you build deep relationships with your international network.

Validate your brand as international expert
Follow the network building you can be an active member in your industry sharing relevant content and by creating your own. Collaborate for free on blogs and publications in other countries can position yourself as an international expert in your field sharing your knowledge in other markets.


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