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How the best marketers use lead magnets to build massive email lists that they can monetize later. Offering a valuable piece of content to your audience is the best way to earn their trust and build an email list that allows you to build a profitable online business.

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45 lead magnet ideas from top marketers that’ll boost your email list

lead magnet ideas

Are you stuck on your creative process to find new lead magnet ideas to skyrocket your email list?

Don’t worry.

I have been doing some research and I did that job for you. Here you can check 45 awesome lead magnet ideas that you can start using today.

Enjoy it!

What is a lead magnet idea?

First things first.

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that you offer (on your site in this context) to attract your potential customers.

Your lead magnet is targeting your ideal customer, and on behalf, they are getting you their email address to get access to that valuable piece of content.

You know what they say: The money is in the list.

So you better start building your email list for your business ASAP.

1 How to guide

This is one common idea to offer to your readers, a very accurate guide to follow a step by step process to complete a defined task your audience need to get solve.

Commonly they have to download by email.

Check this sample from Hubspot.

lead magnet ideas

2 Cheat Sheet Neil Patel lead magnet idea

I just call it Neil Patel style because I think is very representative from both of his blogs, Quickspoud.com and neilpatel.com

Consist of offering a downloadable cheat sheet for specific posts, you can do it to all of them if you are able to do it and have the time (or the team).

The result is pretty good because this is a customised content for any single post topic.

This is how looks like.

cheat sheet

3 Manual Fizzle style

In this case, the guys from Fizzle offer a complete and high-quality manual to help you with your Unique Selling Propositions.

This is a great lead magnet idea to give you some actionable content to help you on the process to achieve something very specific.

Free manual

4 Checklist

Here Brian Dean from Backlinko include a free checklist for SEO on-page in some of his posts, but this is a great tool to include in any post from a certain category.

For example, all post related with SEO should include this opt-in to download the checklist.

checklist SEO

5 Host a Webinar

Another lead magnet idea is offering your webinar into your content. That’s great because you can offer a very accurate training content with your webinar, you collect the emails on your list and you promote your services/products on the webinar.

Host a Webinar

6 Bonus lead magnet ideas for webinars: offer the recorded video via email!

Yes, you have your high-quality content and you can deliver via email in strategic places.

If you are tracking well your site, you should know the conversion rate for the webinar and which pages the visitors go after watching the webinar, right?

Is not a good idea offer there the option to receive via email your webinar recorded? Yes!

7 Freemium software access

If you are delivering an online based service like Buffer you can always have a free subscription plan (with limitations) for those people interested in test your services before they will pay for this.

I one way you are providing a great tool to those readers.

In the other hand, you are creating a nice email list to reach out those people in the future of upgrade in further steps.

By the way, if your free access is as much valuable as Buffer is, then you nail it!

freemium software

8 Free trial membership FULL access

Again the guys from Fizzle!

Do you know that you can get access to their full membership site for free for 5 weeks? That’s a great tool!

They have a whole community of online entrepreneurs, forums, masterminds, loads high-quality courses, live coaching seasons and much more. And they give you all that 5 weeks for free.

If a lead magnet idea should be a delicious offer this is a good one.

free membership access

9 Lifetime software usage Hubspot style

This is an ambitious one.

Hubspot is an amazing inbound marketing company and the develop aCRM for their customers because in their campaigns the client’s lack of solid client and lead organisation.

So they created for free to serve their clients and improve their inbound marketing campaigns.

And… why not offer the CRM for free, forever to everyone?


free CRM

10 Free website SEO analyser

Ok, Neil Patel again offers an SEO analyser for free on his blog.

You check your site and compare with other competitors sites if you want, and then you receive a free report on your email.

You know what’s wrong with SEO on your site and he grows his email list.


free SEO analyzer
free SEO analyzer
free SEO analyzer

11 Content upgrades

Sometimes you are talking about something very interesting to your audience and you can offer a bit more, go a bit deeper into the topic andexplaing a few more hacks.

Then is a great option to offer that bonus content via a content upgrade. If they are really interested in the topic you are talking you can be sure that they will download.

content upgrade

12 Read late my epic content backlinko style

I like that one, is very ingenious.

If you have created an epic post talking and explaining something about a specific topic then you will probably need a lot of space on your post.

Sometimes 5,000 words or more.

And that’s great! Good content if what are talking about is worth to be read.

But being realistic even the people interested in your post have limited time to read a 5,000 words article.

Then, why not to be polite and ask if they want to receive via email the full post to read later on a quiet moment?

Good Brian, good.

receive later my content

13 Sales materials and samples for free

This an online printer I used before to become myself into a 95% digital document guy (the other 5% is because I am a romantic still).

But, if you want to receive a free sample for their different paper typology they will send you for free. Simple.

free sample material

14 Course by email

If you have a solid experience in some topic and you can create a great online course you can deliver to your audience via email in different steps as John Lee Dumas do on his awesome Entrepreneurs on Fire.

free podcast course john lee dumas

15 Questions submission Pat Flynn style

I like a lot that one because is a great win-win.

As you might know, Pat Flynn host a podcast call Ask Pat where he basically asks a relevant question that his own audience send.

Is not just the value to be in touch with an Audience from your podcast because you probably don’t have the email of most of those listeners and this is a great way to collect some of them.

In the other hand, Pat play you audio in the show and include a link from the person who sent the question and pays you back with a little promotion.

Everybody win here and this is why I like that concept.

question submission

16 Case study

Potential clients are always interested in listening about your previous projects and how happy your clients are.

This is basically the purpose of a case study and is good to send to your potential clients when you are pitching for a new work.

But, why not include on your site a downloadable case study for all those curious visitors that visit your site and don’t write you an email asking for your services.

17 Download a free template

I am a fan of actionable content and this is why I like so much the blog of Hubspot.

They offer in their site a great bunch of template that you download and use immediately.

If you want a few lead magnet ideas for that type of content you can go and check their blog, is plenty of templates strategically featured?

download a free template

18 Send by email your best tips and expert knowledge Noah Kagan style

That’s like an upgrade of the typical “subscribe to my newsletter”.

If you have a deep knowledge and experience about a specific topic why not offer to your visitors and readers the possibility to receive special emails with your best tips that otherwise they would never receive?

This is what Noah Kagan do in that example.

Expert knowledge

19 Infographic

A fantastic way to repurpose your content is converting a post into an infographic. So then you can include this content upgrade variation for your readers who want to have access to your elaborate infographic.

20 Host a giveaway

A fantastic hack to grow fast your email list is hosting a giveaway like we explain in this post that could be a great opportunity if do a good execution.

Here is an example where Bryan Harris from Videofruit.com got 2,239 emails in 10 days.


21 Piece of a free software

If you’re a developer you can always create a specific software o free version of the same one to offer in your site to your visitors.

This is very common with WordPress plugins and Chrome and Firefox extensions.

A great example of this is Yoast SEO, an SEO plugin for your WordPress.

Yoast SEO plugin

22 Create a lead generation card on Twitter

You can create special tweets for promoting your business or certain post with Twitter Ads but on a FREE option is create a card that connects your email supplier with a form on Twitter.

Then people on Twitter can subscribe directly from your tweets and you collect their email on your email list (whatever supplier you use – I use ConvertKit).

twitter lead generation card

23 email free course

You can also deliver a free course via email.

The lead magnet idea is very simple, one lesson in each email during a week for example.

This is a good way to get emails but also a good way to engage with your subscribers.

You can check here the example from Neil Patel from Quicksprout.com

neil patel course

24 Download a Webinar

Do you have any old webinar recorded that you are not using anymore?

You can still be offering as a free resource to your readers by downloading. Repurposing content is one of the most effective ways to scale your content marketing (always you had generated a high-quality content).

25 Free eBook

If you can collect enough great content to offer an ebook this a great way to promote yourself and establish your credibility and authority in your industry.

This is what Brian Dean is doing here

free ebook brian dean

26 Resources Toolkit

Most people share their best resources (typically for affiliate purposes) on their sites. But sometimes is especially useful share great and highly recommended resources that you use daily and actually helps.

You can compile a list of great resources in your topic and offer for free on your site as a lead magnet.

27 Out of date digital magazine

If you generate any kind of digital magazine, you can also offer an old issue (especially a popular one) for free download to all your readers.

This is what foundrmag.com do here.

foundr magazine free issue

28 Bonus materials from your book

If you have a book, then you should probably have a dedicated website for promotion.

And if you that well you can really build a business around your book.

Anyway, complementing your book you can offer a lot or free resources like templates and other stuff to your book readers. They buy your book.

Check the example of Hal Elrod from his bestseller The miracle morning, you can download templates to execute the techniques he talks along the book for free.

free book resources

29 Video course by email

You can deliver a video course by email, sending every day a different email with the video lesson.

This is the case of Dan Norris as a complement to his book Content Machine (which by the way I highly recommend you to read).

free video course

30 Audio training

Another good way to offer a lead magnet is audio, and I think not exploited enough.

This is the case of Mark Leruste from The Unconventionalist podcast. You can download an audio training to find the right message for your business.

free audio training mark laruste

31 Scorecard Amy Porterfield style

This is a fun and different way to do a lead magnet, Amy Porterfield is offering here a scorecard to “measure your entrepreneurial”.

Why not?

Looks like this.

scorecard amy

32 Coming soon list

This is a good way to start creating an email list from zero before launching your business, book, course or any other project.

Typically on a one-page website with a promotional video and text and an opt-in form to collect the email from people interested in your project.

A great lead magnet ideas here is to offer a special benefit for those people like a discount.

33 Free chapters from your book.

free chapters book

Again with Hal Elrod, he offers 2 free chapters from the book as a free resource on the book website. This is a good way to get emails and increase the potential buyers for the book.free chapters book

34 Free consultation

If you offer mentoring, coaching, consultation or similar services then you can offer a free consultation for your readers.

Of course, you can limit this free (and sometimes dangerous) consultations but this is always a great way to establish an open communication channel between your audience and you and give them real value.

35 Coupons

Have you an online shop? Then could be a good offer to your visitors a coupon (probably a discount) for their next purchase.

36 Free Industry report

If you want to stand up in your industry and position yourself and your brand as an expert then you should do an industry report every year and share for free on your site.

This is what the Content Marketing Institue do every year and they a reference in content marketing.

This is a good one because works for every kind of industry and have a big power in other to differentiate your business from the competitors.

37 New app beta evaluation

If you are developing an app then you probably are through a beta testing process and then is a great moment to open access for free to your readers.

They use the new app and you get reported to improve and finish the app.

This is what is doing Chris Allan Li with SmartHash, a split testing app for hashtags on Instagram.

Smarthash chris allan li

38 Free “intro course” from your paid training

Ok, you have a great video training to offer to your readers and audience, then you can use a lead magnet to promote the training and offering something like an intro course.

Of course, you have to deliver real value in this video course and a great example is Chris Ducker when offers his “Launchpad” for his high-end training and community Youprener.


39 Free print industry magazine

Again Content Marketing Institute is a reference in the industry for a reason.

They have created the Chief Content Officer magazine to talk about the last trends in the industry and engage more with clients, partners and industry related people in general.

You can get for free (The US and Canada) a print copy.

chief content officer magazine

40 Resource library

If you have a good bunch of resources like templates, guides, manuals and similar stuff then you can create a dedicated place to offer all that value like Coschedule

Resource library

Resource library41 email templates

Again Hubspot delivering free email templates to use immediately, in this case for your sales emails. This is a great technique if you have some successfully proved emails and you want to share that value with your audience.

email template

42 Free book

Russell Brunson from dotcomsecrets.com sends you for free (you need to pay the shipping only) his book. And this is a great way to start sharing some high-value content with your audience.

And like he says in the same book, start building your sales funnel from front-end products to a back-end product. His USD 1,000,000 by the way, not bad starting from a free book, huh?


43 Free financial quiz

Are you talking about self-development or anything related? Actually, you can adapt this idea to a large range of industries if you are a bit creative.

In this case, Ramit Sethi offers a quiz to evaluate your financial capability.

ramit sethi financial

44 Extra content only for subscribers and members

Darren Rowse from problogger.net offers not just a “subscribe to my newsletter” but access to extra content that he delivers via email.

This is a good way to engage some readers looking for some extra tips.

darren rowse

45 And of course… a simple subscribe to my future posts

Don’t forget the basics, sometimes less is more and if you find the right spot on your site you can offer that simple but clear and honest proposition to your readers.

Do you want to receive all my future post on your email, then subscribe and I’ll send you.

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