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LinkedIn Ads make money

This Is Why LinkedIn Ads Will Make You Earn Money With Your Content

LinkedIn is becoming a great content marketing platform in itself and, LinkedIn Ads is boosting the possibilities to make real and quick clients from your content marketing strategy.

Promoting your content in front of a targeted audience is always a goal, but the benefits in doing it so in LinkedIn are amazing. The way that you can match your personal story with your content, interact with your colleagues and explain what you did on previous projects and what have, you learned to give you a perfect context to build your content.

Let’s see what is this all about!

Match your content with your personal story

LinkedIn is the best social platform if you are a B2B marketer looking for new clients, being an industry influencer is a great asset.

When talking about content marketing, one of the most common problems why readers don’t engage with your content, is the lack of credibility of a brand generating content with the purpose to attract potential clients.

Most of the content pieces that I read are impersonal, just a piece of information that could be coming from whoever.

LinkedIn gives you the possibility to connect your story with the content you create and explain, based on your expertise and knowledge, why you are the expert-to-go to solve their problems.

You should review your entire LinkedIn profile from the headline, summary and every job position text on your previous projects and tell a story.

Your story.

What you have learned in every position, how influence in your style every company that you worked with in the past and, draw your WHY, WHAT and HOW.

Then your content should be talking from this story, from your unique and personal point of view and this will make you stand up from thousands of other boring, tasteless and impersonal profiles.

LinkedIn Ads make moneylinkedin content marketing strategy

Build brand awareness

Not just your corporate brand but also your personal brand can be empowered on LinkedIn if you build a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

With Sponsored content, you can promote your content to a high-quality audience, C-suits and senior positions building a powerful audience around your brand.

According to, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, and 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

These are great news for independent entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers like us, and you can leverage your personal brand at the same level as a big corporation brand using LinkedIn Ads. Of course, you will need to create amazing content along the process.

The difference is that now you can put that amazing content in front of the right people and build your credibility as an industry authority.

Retarget web visitors with a custom message right in their inbox

We all know what a remarketing campaign is. You can target specific online adverts to the users that previously have visited your site or a specific URL on your site.

This is a powerful technique that converts very well because you can follow up the content that previously your readers have visited on your site and then show the perfect advert message to turn into a client or a hot lead.

Is just one problem with that remarketing campaign, the advert displayed for your retargeted audience is the same for everyone.

Imagine that you want to remarket your visitors by sending a custom email (not an online advert, a direct email right to their inbox), let’s say people who read a blog post talking about a case study where you explain how you made your client increase their productivity in an X%.

You have one obvious option, set up an automation in your emailing service provider —ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft or whatever it may be—, and then send an email to any of them. But you only can do this with your subscribers, obviously.

With LinkedIn Ads, you can send a direct InMail message to anybody that visits your site or URL, whether the are your subscribers of just a first-time readers.

Sounds awesome, right?

You can set up a target audience based on your remarketing purposes and then establish the criteria to narrow this audience to the users that have visited an exact URL.

Linkedin ads targeted audience

The next step is to set up an InMail sponsored campaign, which is a direct email sent inside LinkedIn platform to any user —whether if you are connected or not— with a customised email that you can personalise with their first name, company name, position, and any other LinkedIn field.

Isn’t it fantastic?

Conclusions of using LinkedIn Ads to leverage your content

Content marketing doesn’t need to be promoted paid advertising for itself, but there are a few cases where you can us it to leverage your content impact and for me, LinkedIn is one of those cases.

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