#5: Content marketing strategy roadmap to attract LIFETIME clients



In this episode, you are going to learn how to design a marketing strategy roadmap to deliver to your audience the content they need at the moment that they need it.

Because not everybody is at the same stage, right?

Imagine that you are helping your audience to learn some new skill, and let’s say the mastering that skill goes from 0 to 10:

  • Zero – you’ve never done it before
  • 5 – you have some practice but still a lot to do
  • 10 – you a master in the field

I am sure that you agree with me if I say that they need different material to progress from they are right now.

If you deliver basic materials to someone in “stage-5” they will feel bored and say something like: “Puff, I already know all this…”

And if you deliver advanced material to someone who just has started, they will feel overwhelmed.

See? Even if they want to achieve the same goal —master skill “X”— they need different content to feeling excited and get progress.

This is what I am going to share with you in this podcast episode.

How to adapt your content marketing strategy roadmap to deliver different content to the different segments of your audience.

If you do so, you’ll provoke in your audience’s mind an amazing feeling that you are talking just for them, like if you were whispering into their ears exactly what they need to hear.

Host: Fran Canete

Host: Fran Canete

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