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Morning ritual: boosting my productivity levels – February 2017


Welcome once again to my monthly reports where I share everything on my journey to build an online business around an Audience. I can describe this month with two words: morning ritual.

This month was quite good in terms of productivity.

Indeed I had the most productive week of my professional life (so far). That was thanks to following some morning routines from different sources.

The morning miracle

That sounds crazy, I know. I am the kind of person that look weird to that kind of books. But I was listening for a long time and from different people that I respect great thinks about this book.

The idea is basically set up a routine to weak up energised and motivated to achieve your most important daily routines during the day.

That involves things like exercise, motivation, journaling, visualisation, reading and affirmations.

Nothing new, I know, but in a very different way that I ever try before.

Having morning habits is definitely helping my dramatically to achieve my goals with this blog.

John Lee Dumas morning ritual

This is another great resource in setting up great mornings routines, JLD share in his site all kind of exercises and gadgets that his uses every day to make every day most productive.

I recommend you to take a look and try some of them, nothing stressful, just try the most interesting for you for a few days and let me know about your results.

Ok, here is a quick view to my morning ritual

6:00 am – Weak up

6:05 am – Brush my teeth, clean my face with cold water and wear my exercise clothes

6:10 am – 7-minute exercise

6:17 am – Visualisation exercise

6:25 am – Meditation

6:35 am – Affirmations

6:40 am – Read (coffee in hand)

6:45 am – Journaling and planning the day

That’s pretty much it. I’ll write more about that in further posts if you are interested in this.

That’s by the way, faking my “I am not sleepy at all” face after my morning exercise.

Morning ritualmorning miraclemorning miracle

Books of the month

I like reading, and I want to share here the books I read every month about online marketing and share with you the most interesting ideas from each one.

Content Machine

This is a great book from Dan Norris.

He talks about content marketing principles from the beginning, so you don’t need to be an expert to read it.

I especially recommend for people starting an online business and those with a micro-business. You can learn how to establish a great content marketing campaign for your business to help you build an audience and position your brand in the market.

Dan is a great entrepreneur from Australia with some big fail projects behind, which says a lot about him. He succeeds creating WP Curve, a WordPress 24/7 support company with clients all over the world.

He started from scratch that company and now is a 7 figures business thanks to a great content marketing work.


Let’s take a look at the statistics this month. I increase my content generation to 8 monthly posts which closer to my goal of 2.5 posts per week.

The best

I get more traffic than las month (which was my officially first blogging month), traffic increase 70% and that makes me happy.

The bad news

The bad news is my engagement is not strong enough to generate comments, as you can see there were zero comments for my 8 posts. Which is frustration, but this is a priority task for next month.

Monthly report March

Statistics from Metricool

Social media statistics

I am quite happy here, but still, a lot to do.

Twitter is being my main source of traffic, I feel comfortable and share all of my posts there as well as any other interesting posts if I think will be helpful to my audience.

After a long time, I see on my twitter account some significant traction and engagement. I’ve increased my daily tweets for the las two months in quantity and quality and this is getting results.

twitter statistics

The bad news

Facebook is stuck, I don’t see any signal to increase my Facebook engagement, especially for my page. Other than paid advertising obviously.

I am considering some options like create a Facebook Group to create a nice environment for you guys where we can talk and discuss directly. Let me know if you like the idea.

Other than that is going well, slow but well. Remember that patience is the most valuable thing for an entrepreneur.


Despite there is a lot to do and some things and not growing as much I would like (posts engagements and Facebook page) I feel happy with the project.

I am learning a lot and I feel anytime more comfortable writing and generating content (remember that English is not my first language).
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