Today I am going to talk you about Neil Patel blog, one of the best online marketers right now. He owns tech companies like KISSmetrics, Crazyegg or Hellobar, also has advised companies like Amazon, NBC, GM. Sounds like the kind of person you should listen if you are interested in growing your online business and learning some tips about the business right?

Not convinced why you should check out his blogs? Ok, just type on google “online marketing” and check the first 2 results. This is what you will find…


Guess who owns the first 2 results and Yes, Neil Patel.

When your name is associated with that kind of things, is not casual. Probably now you understand how interesting is to listen to a guy like Neil when you are working in online marketing.

So, let me show you the top 5 post that probably makes growth your blog (e-commerce, or any other online platform).

1. How To Master A/B Split Testing Quickly (And Increase Conversion Rate)

In this post, Neil talks about the importance of being always testing your website to keep improving your conversion rates.

Sometimes I feel like something is wrong on my blog, something that is making people don’t subscribe to my list or just leave my site very quick. But what’s wrong on my blog? Ok, by setting up a good split-test campaign we can detect the optimal formula that converts better.

You don’t need to be obsessed with A/B testing, just learning how to do it, when and which tools can allow getting the best results.

What is an A/B test?

A/B split testing is a strategy that compares to similar versions of a website or a specific part of a website and shows you the version that converts better.

The strategy basically consists of 2 elements, one is the control (the original version of the website we are testing) and the other is the alternative version, the variation. That variation includes new elements that make slight but significant different both versions.

Ultimately you want to find out which version converts better.

You could be surprised how little changes produces significant variations in conversion rates, sometimes a color change, image positions or a different word on the submission bottom.

Basically, you are testing which is the most popular options according to your visitors criteria. Is like read their left brain hemisphere and discover which decisions they are taking intuitively.

Even if you are starting with your blog or you are trying to growth your online presence I strongly recommend apply A/B split testing to your site, not in an obsessive way, just in a continuous and consistently process to find the most optimal version of your blog.

So please, go and check this post.

2. 7 Things First Time Bloggers can do to Create Industry Leading Content

One of the most difficult challenges for beginners bloggers is to become a visible voice in their industry, in this post Niel Patel talk about how with simple actions anybody can create an industry leading content and positioning a blog in the medium-long term on the top positions of your industry.

Research your industry

You need to know your competitors, who they are and what are they writing about. Otherwise is not possible generate leading content.

The big question when you are writing for your audience is: Which topic will they like most?

To answer this question, BuzzSumo is a great tool to discover the most popular topics in your industry. Let’s imagine you are writing about travelling and you are wondering what will be your next post about.


Any of these results show you the most popular posts on the internet and how many shares they are having on the different social channels. That’s a great information to start writing about something that you know your audience will like.

Create a content calendar

Constancy is everything when we are building a successful blog, besides loads of great content. But on the daily basis, you will find a lot of different tasks to do and not always related to content creation.

This is why is so important to have a great content calendar, schedule your next post, the topics you will talk and the research you will need to do.

With the time, your audience will reward you all that organization effort and dedication.

Create killer titles

You need to generate the necessary interest in your potential readers to read your article.

Every little difference counts to generate a better and optimized result, again you can use a free tool called  Portent’s Content Idea Generator to generate some good title ideas. Check Neil’s post and learn more about how to generate irresistible titles.

3. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Blog Post Introductions

Once we have drawn the attention of our readers and are reading our post the challenge is to keep these readers until the end, and a great introduction will keep interested enough to read the full post.

In this post, we can learn some interesting tips to compose a good introduction which increases the time our readers stay on our blog and reduce the bounce rate.

4. How to Integrate Long-Tail Keywords in Your Blog Posts

Content is King, but SEO still matters, and quite a lot. Writing your posts you have to take care of which keywords you going to use and by using long-tail keywords you can maximize your organic search ranking and traffic.

In this post, Neil shows you different ways to use naturally long-tail keywords in your posts avoiding to be penalized because an overuse.

By using keywords with 3 or more terms you can get access to the 70% of the total traffic, so Neil recommends take care of this keywords and implement a strategy to include them into your content.


How long-tail keywords can make you rank to the top organic list?

Simple. The top keywords, like for example “learn Spanish” are disputed by the big brands, they don’t focus on long-tail because there is too low volume.

Instead, you focus on a long version of this keyword like “best tool to learn Spanish online”, you will have much fewer competitors fighting to rank and you can easily rank to the top (assuming you do your other SEO homework correctly).

Let me show you this with a metaphor. I imagine the long-tail strategy like a big event in a theater, where everybody wants to be in. In the front door, a huge and glamorous door, is a massive queue of people waiting and disputing to enter, because they know there are not enough tickets for everybody.

Instead the front door is the most direct way to be in, is difficult and expensive to pay that ticket and nobody can guaranty you to be in.

But there is another back door, little, not glamorous, not obvious to find and doesn’t go directly to the stage inside the theater. But, there is not queue, is free to enter and if you follow the indications you will find the main stage exactly like the people is paying a fortune by entering from the main door.

4. How to (Finally) Earn More Money From Your Blog

If you are blogging for a while probably you make your first income, or maybe your are a totally beginner and you are wondering how the hell are you going to make money with your blog. In both cases, you need to read this post.

Monetize a blog is not that easy, especially at the beginning, but is not that difficult once you know the basics and start applying the actions Neil exposes in this article.

Here is the process to follow according Neil make money from blogging, and by the way, I couldn’t agree more.

how to monetize a blog

Advertising could be one of the first ideas coming up when we are trying to figure out how to monetize our blog, but as Neil Patel blog said, maybe is not the best idea. Think for a second about it, you are generating a lot of good quality content, attracting a lot of traffic and somebody else (probably a big brand) is paying you a little amount to use your effort and audience and sell it their service or product where really is the big profit.

Why not eliminate the middleman, create your own offer and make a good profit?

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To find out if somebody would buy your product or service we can use simple techniques like check on Amazon under the categories according to our niche or another good option for digital products could be Clickbank.

Selling online is about trust. You need to build an Audience, enchant that audience and make them trust in you. To achieve this is necessary create great content. We talk before about tools like BuzzSumo to find out what the most interesting content our audience is looking for.

Neil explains other interesting techniques in this post, which I strongly recommend you to read in detail to have a crystal clear idea about your monetization strategy. This is a long term goal, no rush, be patient but constant and the results will come to you.


Building a relevant blog is not an easy job, but there are a lot of techniques that other successful blogger had tested and already works. Don’t be obsessed trying to use all these techniques at the same time, probably not all of them are viable for your particular case.

I recommend to go deep in this 5 ideas, find out which ones do you feel more confident and try it in the next 30 days, then you can let me know your results and share with the readers your experience.


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