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The New Economy Paradigm: Information era is dead, Talented era is here

It is very interesting to follow the economic history evolution across human development. Historically there always exists a key component that brings wealth, power and control over the rest. First, there was strength, the most powerful armies would conquer and dominate the rest. After this, there was land, the people who owned the land were in control of the wealth. Capitalism brought a new way of control, money. And finally money has given way to information, everybody knows this.

But now, information is dead because everybody can get access to loads of quality information for free or almost free. The difference now lies behind who knows how to use this information to get results. In other words, people who can “understand” the massive information and create specific processes to generate results for a specific niche, industry or company is the key. The new money, the new land, the new gold.

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I particularly love this new economic era, a new era of doing business, especially how it influences in International Business. Any person in the most recondite corner of the world can lead a project for a multinational corporation thousands of miles away.

The new economy paradox
Corporations still need capital but now it is just the fuel to support their structure, not the essential component to growing, developing, leading the industry, enchant clients, create great experiences and ultimately be the Purple Cow in a massive market which connects with their audience/clients. Globalisation is just starting, International Business will be just the regular way to business in the future because the talent is everywhere.
And money simply can’t do this.

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