How much should I narrow my niche market to build a meaningful audience?

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If you are in the process of building an online audience you have listened to a number of times that you need to identify your niche market, ever better if you find a micro-niche. Easy to say, really hard to do it (if not impossible) when you just start your business.

So let’s talk here about some myths and truths about defining your niche market for your content marketing strategy.


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What is a niche market?

A niche market is a segment of a market, which represents similar characteristics such a demographics, etc.

Why I need to narrow down my niche market… or not?

This is one of the most common questions at the time you are building your audience.

You have a message and you will need to deliver to the market segment most sensitive to receive that message, this is why you need to find your niche because you will need to find that place where your message resonates.

I know How scary and overwhelming could be, especially in the first stages, when you don’t know exactly what to talk about and then, apparently you will need a micro-niche if you want to be noticed.

I listen and read a lot of people saying that you need to find your niche because otherwise your will be talking for nobody. This is kind of right and kind of bullshit.

Yes, I said bullshit.

And make me very mad, when I read people talking about the super-importance of creating a narrow niche before you start building your audience when most of the occasions they are re-writing something they have read on somebodies blog. And probably on a very different context.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Don’t get me wrong, find your niche is very important, but it’s not the most important when you start building your audience. [/pullquote]

You don’t know enough about the topic you are writing about, you don’t know if you feel comfortable writing about it, you don’t know what people want to listen, you don’t find your voice, your style, your personality…

Creating content to build an audience is a long-term business, fact, you will need commitment and focus, but take it easy and be patience on the way. You need to start from little things and the go for the big picture.

There is no point to block your mind trying to find the perfect niche when you are just starting, it is stupid!

Don’t get stuck finding the perfect niche, just keep moving!

This is one classic mistake when you are building an audience, I did it (and sometimes I still fall into this vicious circle) because generally, we understand a good niche market as a magical thing where everything will make sense and our entrepreneurial problems will disappear forever.

business rocket

This is not going to happen. Sorry.

Defining your niche, understanding your audience, learning new ways to create valuable content, learn again new interests and pains from your audience and then create new and more niche content is a never-ending task.

This is part of content marketing strategy to build an audience and eventually a business around that audience, and if you are not happy with this process maybe this is a big red flag to reconsider the marketing strategy you are using.

Here a basic and important thing: don’t get stuck finding your super-narrow-specific-niche.

Just focus on your topic, focus on the people you want to serve (because this is what is all of this about: to serve) and start creating content, valuable, different, genuine and actionable content. Little by little, one step at a time.

With the time, and this could be 6 months, 12 months or 2 months, whatever because remember, this is a long-term commitment, you will detect patterns, common pains on your audience, questions that you listen again and again… all these inputs will tell you the way that you need to follow to narrow your niche.

And think about that, just make sense to narrow your niche once you have feedback from the market, once you listen from them, once you are written (or vlogging or podcasting) a meaningful bunch of post.

So please, take action, start from your topic, follow your instinct and generate content following that instinct and listening to the market.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Finding your niche is a long process, not a 10 minutes template work. [/pullquote]

Content marketing is a long-term goal, so no rush!

I now, you are very impatient, you set up your site, your blog, your YouTube channel, podcast or whatever other platforms to share your content with the world.

Start with the topic you most enjoy and then narrow it slowly and consistently.

This is basic, you need to go to a very specific market niche, but at the same time you are just starting to create content, and maybe you are quite new on the topic that you have chosen. So be patient.

How the hell I am supposed to find a super niche in the market?

Probably you can’t start with that in your head from the beginning, it’s normal and everybody who started someday generating content had the same problem.


Just find your topic, identify the sub-topic areas where you most enjoy talking about and where you can generate the most valuable content. A golden rule for building an audience using content marketing is to have a strong interest (if not passion and love) about what you are talking about.

You will find, identify and specify your niche on your way of generating content not vice-versa.

So just relax, don’t try to be the expert-to-go for a specific niche from the minute zero because this is not going to happen (unless you are already the expert-to-go offline and start now building your online profile).

Finding your niche market should be a nice process of discovery the areas where you most enjoy generating content and most important, the areas where you become more helpful for your audience.

And again, takes time.

So tell me, have you feel stress with this at some point, maybe right now? Tell me your experiences finding your niche.

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