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How to reach 1 million people every month —with Arthur Gopak

If you are creating content these days and building your online community around your business I don’t need to tell you how hard it is, right?

You are probably facing a few challenges right now:

  • You don’t find the RIGHT target audience with which your content resonates.
  • Some content gets some traction and other content doesn’t and, it doesn’t make any sense.
  • Your content has some visits when you hit publish and share it on social media but after a few days, it gets lost on the internet.
  • You have no time to create content consistently.
How to build a +1 million online audience with content marketing —with Arthur Gopak #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing #contentstrategy @AlphaGammaHQ @GPacHQ Click To Tweet

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This is all normal if you are developing your content marketing strategy, because having some traction and see results takes time. Simple as that.

Luckily, I am interviewing this week on the podcast Arthur Gopak.

How to build a global online community using content marketing —with Arthur Gopak #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing Click To Tweet

Who is Arthur Gopak?

Well, let me tell you a bit about him. He is the CEO and Editor in Chief of AlphaGamma, which is an online media publication focused on young professionals with readers from all over the world and reaching a global audience of over 1 million across all their channels.

Arthur started the company by simply creating a few blog posts that get the attention of a particular audience.

And this is the starting point of any successful content marketing strategy: taking the attention of your audience.

The second step, Arthur explain deeply this part in the interview, is to UNDERSTAND what your audience wants.

You can understand what your audience wants by doing things like this:

  • Asking directly to them, via Skype, Zoom, phone or face to face meeting.
  • Ask your clients for their struggles and goals.
  • A/B testing your content, and finding which content delivers the best value to your particular audience.

You get the idea.

Understanding your audience is and ACTIVE strategy that you simply can never stop doing.

You’ll learn in this interview with Arthur how to scale your content creation process by attracting thought leaders willing to contribute with their content to your community.

This is all about creating a win-win situation, so in the first place you need to create the right community and create the “desire” of being featured in your platform.

Obviously, at the very beginning, you’ll need to be proactive and invite contributors to your platform, but once you have an audience, like Alpha Gamma, you will start selecting your contributors.

A great way to start with this is offering to your new contributors an attractive content distribution, promoting their articles on social media and emailing to your list.

Eventually, if you can create a base of a few good contributors that can benefit from your platform you’ll have a “content creation machine” feeding your publication.

Where can you find Arthur Gopak?

You can find Arthur both on social media and via Alpha Gamma:

Alpha Gamma:

Arthur Gopak:

build an online audience with content marketing

Thanks for listening!

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