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The 7 best online business models to choose from in 2021

online business models

Do you remember when the internet was new or at least less popular? As more people use the internet each day, the online business model also gains prominence.

Whether you want to offer a service or earn passive income, you can start an online business for almost anything. Then, you can make money without leaving your home.

Keep reading to learn about online businesses and how to choose which model is right for you.

Define Your Personal Business Goals

business goals for your business model

Before you can choose your online business model, you should consider your goals. Think about why you want to start an online business and what you hope to gain from it.

You can choose from multiple business types, but not all models work for everyone. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t want to make money with an hourly rate, for example, you may not want to go into consulting. Maybe an internet marketing startup recommending products from Amazon or making money from Adsense is a much better option for you.

Next, you should consider how quickly you want to get started. You can start an online business in almost no time, but some models will take longer before you can generate a large profit.

Another thing to consider is if you want to sell a product or service. Selling personal or business services online can be a great way to make money soon. However, they can be hard to scale, so you may need to hire people to make more money.

While almost any internet business model is affordable to start, the startup costs can vary. You will need to buy a domain and website hosting.

Service providers may have startup costs including licensing, liability protection, and fast internet service. On the other hand, selling physical products will require space and money for inventory.

Consider all of your reasons for starting an online business. Determine which reasons are most important to you so that you can focus on those when choosing the right business model.

What are internet business models?

Businesses based 100% online. This means, that an online business that interacts with their clients, promote their services or products through the internet.
Typically, an internet based business do not have offices facing the public.

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Information Product: Productize Your Knowledge

information product business model

Another excellent online business model to consider is an information product business. If you want to teach others but don’t like working one-on-one or with groups, you can create digital products.

This type of business is excellent if you’re a blogger and you already run one or more content sites. Your blog can serve as a way to show you’re an expert in your industry, and you can use your blog to promote your digital products.

If you want to create something small, you can start with an eBook. Once you write the book, you can sell it as a PDF download on your website. You won’t have to do any extra work besides marketing, and you don’t have to print or ship anything.

Creating an online course can be a good option if you need to use video or audio to demonstrate what you’re teaching. You can create a course about almost anything, and you can make it a passive part of your online business.

Your course can have videos, but you can also add downloadable worksheets to help emphasize the information for your students. If you want to make the course even more comprehensive, you can add quizzes or other checkpoints.

An online program is similar to an online course, but you can run it in real-time. You can run the program each month or multiple times a year to bring in recurring revenue to your business.

Creating an information product can be time-consuming, but you can sell it over and over once you complete it. Also, do some market research to make sure people want the product you create.

Service-Based Business Model: Make Money Selling Your Expertise and Skills

Service-Based Business Model

If you want to make money without investing a lot of money upfront, consider a service-based business. Think of services you can offer online using the skills and knowledge you already have.

For example, if you have a large social media following, you can offer social media management services. You can focus on one or two social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Or you can offer general social media help to business owners.

Starting an online coaching business or consulting can be another good option if you want to teach people what you know. You can offer these services for almost anything, from social media management to dealing with performance nerves.

Consider what experience you have and what people tend to ask you about. If you have sold other products or services, you could consult on how to choose a business idea.

No matter what you offer, you can find customers online with search engine traffic or social media marketing. You can also tell your friends and family about your business and ask them to refer people who need your help.

In most cases, you don’t need much money or time to start offering a service. As long as you understand the service you want to provide, you can create a business name and start marketing yourself.

If you have a hard time getting clients, do some market research to see what people need. Then, you can adjust your offers so that you can book more clients and customers.

Membership Site: Monetize Your Community

Membership Site business model

If you enjoy creating content and want to work with more people, consider creating a membership site. This is one of the best internet business models for exponential growth.

You can create digital products or offer your coaching services each month. Make sure you add new things every month to incentivize members to keep their subscriptions.

Membership sites can focus on anything, so you can use it no matter your industry. You could give access to exclusive downloads, or you could give discounts to your members on your other products.

As you add products or services, your membership site can become a type of marketplace. Then, people can learn from you, and you can make an impact without leaving your house.

With a membership site, many people can join without you having to do extra work. Whether you have 10 members or 10,000 members, you can save time while still earning more money.

If you want a type of business that you can run in addition to another business or a full-time job, start a membership site. You can set your own rate based on the value of what your members will get. You can start your business on the side before quitting your job.

As you add more information, you can increase the price to reflect the value. Then, you can make more without having to get more members.

Advertiser Funded Business Model

Advertiser Funded business model

If you have a large audience on YouTube, your blog, or your podcast, you can use it to make money. You can join an ad network, such as Adsense so that you can place ads on your content.

When you have a YouTube channel, you will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours to qualify for ads. However, you can start putting ads on your blog or podcast when you start it.

As your following grows, you can earn more money as people view your ads, but you may not make much at first. You’ll also need to find a balance between making money and annoying your audience.

A blogger can use as many ads as they want on their site. But if you place an ad after every sentence in your blog post, people may not want to read your blog anymore.

You can start slowly by using one ad per post, video, or podcast, and you can add more later. Consider placing ads right before you answer a major question so that you can encourage people to stay through the ad.

If you want to use Blogger or another platform to create content, choose a platform you enjoy. Then, you can stay motivated to work on your content even when you aren’t making a ton of money from it.

Build an Affiliate Marketing Business

Build an Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is an excellent online business model, and it works similarly to advertising. However, with affiliate marketing, you can choose the products and services that you talk about in your content.

You can join the affiliate program from Amazon and many other major stores. Once the program accepts you, you can access a dashboard where you can create special links.

If you make a video or blog post reviewing a product, you can use an affiliate link to encourage people to buy the product. When someone clicks on your link, you will earn a small commission on the sale price.

In some cases, you can earn money on other things people buy besides the product you shared. Even if that isn’t the case, an affiliate business model is a great way to earn passive income.

You can create a blog post or video once, and people can view it weeks or months later. Your affiliate links won’t expire, so you can make money from a post you create a long time ago.

Whether you’re a blogger or a YouTuber, you can tailor your content to selling affiliate products. You won’t have to spend time creating the product or offering a service, so it’s very flexible.

However, earning a lot from affiliate marketing can take a while. Not all clicks will result in affiliate purchases, so you may need a massive audience to make a significant profit.

Sell Physical Products Online

Sell Physical Products Online

When considering online business ideas, think about selling physical products online. You can sell clothing, accessories, tech products, or whatever else you can create.

An eCommerce business can be a great way to make money online while solving a problem. You can choose a niche and sell products that you enjoy or that your audience enjoys.

With an eCommerce business model, you won’t have to worry about finding advertisers or choosing the right affiliate products. You can focus on marketing products that you design and create, so you can have more control over your business.

If you don’t want to deal with creating or shipping products, you can also go into dropshipping. With this business model, you can buy products in bulk from a distributor, and you can increase the cost for your customers.

You won’t have to touch the products, so you can make more sales and money without doing a ton of work. If you go with this option, you can set up an eCommerce store on your own website or a platform like Amazon.

When using Amazon, they make dropshipping easy. You can send your orders to an Amazon warehouse, and Amazon will take care of the shipping and handling.

Software-Based Business: Build an Amazing Solution

Software-Based Business model

If you’re good at computer programming, you can also sell software as a service (SaaS). You can sell software licenses to consumers who want to use the software you develop.

Consider what software you need or want, and that can give you your first startup idea. Or you can ask friends and family what type of software would help them.

Your company can offer software to individuals, or you can sell something like accounting software business to business. Selling software can be hard, and it can be difficult to make a big profit with just your software.

However, you can make a lot of money if your software is unique and solves a problem for a lot of people or businesses. You can increase your revenue with subscription fees, or you can charge per use.

If you use a subscription model, you can more easily predict the money you’ll make. All you have to do is update the software to keep it secure so that people keep their subscriptions.

Now, creating a software-based business can take time at the start. If you aren’t a developer, you may also need to spend money to hire someone to create the software.

However, you can sell as many copies of the software as possible, so there isn’t a cap on your earnings. Once you get it going, all you have to worry about its maintenance.

Choosing an Online Business Model

Whether you want to start your first business or your fifth, you need to select the right online business model. To do this, consider your goals and how much time you have for the business because depending on that you will need to follow different steps to start your online business.

Then, you can determine if you want to focus on more passive income streams or if you can handle a big load of clients. Once you decide, you can choose a name, set up your website, and start marketing your new business.

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