Hosted by: Fran Canete

Hosted by: Fran Canete

The Side Plan Podcast

How to start and grow a successful online business.

Here you will learn how to build a successful online business. Like you, I am an online entrepreneur and I know how lonely this journey could be, but you are not alone! I am here to share with you EVERYTHING I learn on my journey of building my online business.

I will provide you with the best business tips, strategies, and advice from the best entrepreneurs to help you succeed with your online business.

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How to create remarkable content in 2020

Until I figured out this, my content was having ZERO engagement. I was wondering why my content was having not traction, clearly, I was doing a huge mistake with my content creation.

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Top 5 reasons to start a business podcast

Building a business based on your expertise and knowledge is hard, let’s face it. Actually it’s supposed to be hard.  We are living in a highly crowded online world where every day

digital CEO podcast

How to become a Digital CEO

What’s a digital CEO? Personally, I consider a digital CEO, be it a person who manages a remote team of employees or a solopreneur who has created a remote team of collaborators

Content podcast

#4: How To Start Your Content Strategy From Scratch

In this podcast, I teach you how to start your content strategy from scratch and deliver to your audience exactly what they want. Because starting a content strategy from scratch implies a long-term strategy, building your 1,000 true fans and much more.

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"Fran is undoubtedly the Content Marketing Strategy expert I can vouch for. His unique way to create engaging content pieces stands out, and I strongly recommend his podcast."
Arthur Gopak
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"Fran has a deep understanding and a unique approach to help you level-up your Content Marketing Strategy. His podcast, The Side Plan is a must."
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