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What is this all about?The purpose of all this

I’m Fran Canete, and I’m so excited for having you here!

I started francanete.com as a result of my frustration in building a business in the traditional way.

I love being an entrepreneur, working remotely and doing my work anywhere.

But I was missing something.

I was selling my time and knowledge to my clients. Well, I should say, hunting clients. Always hunting, keeping my sales pipeline busy, doing calls, sending emails, and closing sales.

90% of my time as an entrepreneur was looking for new customers. I was selling stuff, but building nothing.

I was limiting my own business, without me hunting clients the machine would stop.

Where was the passion, the meaning, the vision, the purpose?

Then, I discovered a different way to build a business, a way that many people around the world were doing.This is what I called The Content Way.

“Actionable and practical materials to build and grow your business creating remarkable content”

The Content WayA different way to build your business

Imagine a business where you can establish a real and honest connection with your clients. Imagine that you will never have to hunt clients anymore.

They will be attracted by your brand, your content, your value and they choose the right moment to buy your stuff.This is my vision of a Content Business and you can build it using The Content Way.The Content Way have 4 factors.


Content foundation

We all have a valuable knowledge and expertise as a result of our professional and personal life.

We often underestimate the power of sharing our knowledge to help other people.

It is your responsibility to share your knowledge, expertise and value to help others.


Building your audience

If you can help just one person by sharing your content, you can help two, and three, and four, and so on…

Today we enjoy the most powerful tool that we have never had in terms of connectivity and information.

The internet is here to make our lives easier, and it allows you to share and spread your message all over the world.

You’ll need, though, learn how to connect with the right individuals. Those who resonate with your message and you can help.


Becoming a publisher

​The bad news is that you are not alone in that place call internet. Actually, it is a crowded world.

If you want to stand out of the crowd, you will need to learn how to deliver your message on a unique and powerful way.

Here is where you content business becomes more personal. Because The Content Way is all about creating a business base on YOU.

When you crate a bond with your audience by delivering useful and compelling content you are building a community of people that want YOUR help to solve a problem.

I love that. There is where the magic of a content business arises.


Monetizing your content business

Finally, you need to serve your audience. And by serving them, you create your monetization system.

You’ll need to learn the best system —or systems— to deliver your solutions to your clients.

The best thing here is that you can create digital products and services to scale your sales as much as you want.

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