One of the biggest worries, when I started on business, was to find the perfect niche, and in my opinion, this idea is sometimes overrated. Doesn’t matter which niche you choose if you are not different enough because at some point any competitor will arrive at your niche and then you will have a problem.

If you are creating an online business based on you, if you are an online solopreneur, online entrepreneur or whatever you want to call it, you have to be unique to create your own market.

Let’s talk about how you can be different, relevant and remarkable in any market and be independent to your competitors, indeed they can be one of your best allies.

Define who you are

The first step, if you want to be different in a noisy world is defining who you are. Something as simple as that. You need to feel comfortable with the person you want to be running your blog or online business.

To me is very important to be myself on my blog, and express everything I really think. This is about talking to yourself and recognize your personality. If you are shy, energetic, calm, traveler, homely or even things like your personal style, maybe you like a clothing style that makes you characteristic. I love waistcoats and hats for example.

This is so simple and so important because you are defining your authentic personality to feel comfortable exposing yourself to your audience. Otherwise, you’ll be a fake just trying to do what other online authorities do, and this is not you.

Your audience feels everything, and if you project an image that you don’t really are, you are not credible.

I am a Spaniard based in the UK and writing a blog half in English and half in Spanish, I perfectly know my English grammar is not perfect, but this is who I am right now and at the same time my English is good enough to express the ideas I want to share.

I could outsource my grammar correction to somebody, the result will be correct but not authentic.

If you want to be unique in the market, you need to be authentic, credible and finally, create your own market.

Define your voice

Another important part in creating your own market, where you are unique is defining your voice. Choosing your voice will depend on different factors but mainly is about your personality. I clearly use an informal voice where I talk about my journey building an online business from an experimental point of view.

Maybe you are more formal than that and you feel more comfortable talking in an academic voice or maybe in a descriptive way where you analyze your topic step by step.

Identify the market players, then be the weirdo

If you want to be unique in your market you can’t be scared of your competitors, they are there for a long time and they probably did a great job. That’s fine, but you are not like them, and you need to magnify this difference and show it to your audience.

People love new and fresh things (if there is a valuable offer attached).

Identify your competitors, what they do, what they sell and how. Create a picture about the industry and how they interact and try to identify what’s “normal”.

Then, you need to put yourself into the test, you need to be risky and think out of the box. Do something different that breaks the routing in the business, break the rules and boring normality.

You want to be the weirdo in your market who do a great job and make things very different because you are you and the others are just boring.

Let’s take a look to Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, he started doing things different when he first set up Virgin Records in the music industry and when he started Virgin Atlantic he made a totally different airline.

Can you imagine any other business magnate promoting the business like Mr. Branson in this picture?

Richard branson

Of course, they operates like any other airline, they probably use the same airplanes models than the competitors, but if you have the possibility to fly with Virgin your brain will associate with fun and enjoyable fly. Please, note that they also have an excellent service, otherwise doesn’t work.

Richard Branson is a weirdo in the industry, and also he is unique in the market and owns his own market.

Make it personal and brutally honest

You are not creating content for everybody, you create content for your audience, and that means that You don’t have to like to everyone.

Oh, that’s liberating!

You don’t have to measure your words anytime you write or talk to try to be nice to everyone. Of course, you can’t offend people, this is not an excuse to do this, but just feel free to say what do you think.

If you don’t like something or you had a bad experience about something tell to your audience, they will appreciate and connect in a stronger way with you.

There are two options:

  1. They agree with you and became more fans of you because you speak clear and honest.
  2. They disagree and stop following you.

Both are great news because you are not writing for everybody and finally you are filtering your readers and visitors and generating a real audience. The audience you really want.

Just say what you like and don’t like and don’t be afraid. I don’t like Snapchat for example, I don’t use it and don’t expect to find me there. I know is one of the social networks with more growth at the moment and most of the top marketers recommend to be there and blah, blah, blah…

I still don’t like Snapchat! Simply is not for me.

Be remarkable

One of the best ways to put yourself (or your brand) outside the crowd is being remarkable.

In everything you do, if you write a tweet, reply an email or post a comment. You need to be different in everything you do, go further than everyone, deliver a better service, better product, better conditions and better quality in a different way. All the time and to everybody.

Remarkable means to be uncommon or extraordinary, again, be the weirdo in the industry, be the person who is doing what nobody else is doing and surprise everybody with your personal and inimitable style.

This is the best way to stand out of the crowd, be noticed and relevant to your audience. I told you, they love new things and if you deliver a great content, service or product in a remarkable way, you got it!

Simply, you got it! You are creating your own market by being unique and remarkable.

Help your competitors, they will share their influence with you

I am very open to share content from others, indeed if you take a look at my Twitter you will notice that I share more post from my competitors than mine.

First, because I don’t generate enough content than all my competitors together. Obviously.

Second, because they really do great content! How can I don’t share that great resources to my audience? I don’t see the point. Most people are afraid to do this because they are scared the readers will discover the competition are better than they or something like that.

In fact, is just the opposite, you show security and personality sharing all these content and they will appreciate how you open your blog to other resources because you are here to help your audience not to talk only about you.

At the same time, you are building a great relationship with all these influencers that you are sharing their content because you are including their post in your blog or posting on Twitter their content.

And here is the best part, if you share the content of these influencers they will pay attention to you. Think about it, someone is talking about their work, sharing their content for free and exposing their site to a lot of new potential readers. Of course, they will be glad.

And usually, if you do this in a polite and professional way they will be happy to share your content as well. Look at this sample where Neil Patel is posting one of my posts.

Cool, right?

So, don’t be afraid about sharing great content from others, is nothing bad about it and will give you credibility, authority and as in the case of Neil Patel with my post, they will expose your content to their audience, which is priceless.

When that happens, you are not competitors anymore, because you are creating a unique proposal and complementing this with influencers that bring you influence back at the same time.

You can see another example here with the top podcaster John Lee Dumas, he is sharing another of my posts. Again, you can “stole” influence from top people by sharing valuable content from them.

Be human

Finally but not least, you have to be human.

You can automatize almost everything today in your online business with email autoresponders, tweets, auto-messaging your new followers, etc…

But ultimately you need be human, people is tired of talking with robots. I get desperate anytime I have to call to my bank and they have a robot asking questions for 5 minutes before  they send my call to somebody (human). And by then I am not a happy customer, of course.

Be real, be human and connect with your audience showing your weaknesses and your fears and then show how you solve all these things because that makes you real.

Tell the story of the person who is behind the business and is taking care of any little piece of content that post with the purpose to improve their life and solve their problems.

If you can establish a real connection, I mean a human connection with your audience, then you can start building your own market, where you are unique and nobody is your competitor.

Because nobody else could be like you and do things like you.


You can create your own market and position yourself as a unique influencer in your niche, because actually, your niche is YOU.

If you are remarkable, unique, honest, you show your personality and your honest point of view you are creating an inimitable offer that your audience will never find anywhere else.

Don’t be scared, show you exactly how you are because that makes you different, focus on what you can do different and valuable to your readers and you will never need to worry about what your competitors do.

Tell me, are you applying any of those principles on your online business? I want to listen from you on the comments below.

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