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Hi, I'm Fran Canete.

“I am sorry, you’ve done your job but we have to let you go”. That was the last conversation I ever had as a 9-to-5 employee. It was Friday, in the middle of the 2008 economical crisis and I was being fired. Not ideal.

To be honest, I had been lost for a while, but being fired ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. It was my “not so easy” beginning as an entrepreneur, but it enabled me to start my own business based on my passion and find a better way to serve the market.


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"Fran has a deep understanding and a unique approach to help you level-up your Content Marketing Strategy. His podcast, The Side Plan is a must."
Dino H Carter branding
Dino H. Carter
CEO and Founder of D Branding
"Fran is undoubtedly the Content Marketing Strategy expert I can vouch for. His unique way to create engaging content pieces stands out, and I strongly recommend his podcast."
Arhur Gopak
Founder and Editor in Chief of