Who the hell is Fran Canete?

Fran Canete

Hi everybody! Or I should say Hola!I am Fran Cañete, the author of the blog, and I know you click on the About section to see who is that guy?First of all, probably you are wondering what’s that weird letter on my sure name caÑete. Don’t worry, your computer is working correctly.I am from Spain, and the Spanish alphabet has an extra letter: the Ñ. Is really funny having an ñ on my surname because is not available in domains, emails and basically in any English keyboard.

Chapter 1: Failing like a boss

I hate 9 to 5 corporate jobs!So in 2009 I decided to work on my own and then became an entrepreneur. Yes, in Spain, in 2009, with the biggest economical crisis in the last years I decided to be an entrepreneur.Genius!After a few entrepreneurial adventures, I had a lot of fun and learn a lot new skills, especially in online business and marketing. But resume could be: I failed like a Boss!

Fran is sad

Chapter 2: Flying free

Fran flying

In 2013 I packed my laptop and buy a ticket to a place called Manchester, in the UK.That cloudy and rainy place has become a lovely place which now I call home.Give me the opportunity to succeed setting up my own business as an International Trade Consultant, helping dozens of companies in that years to expand their businesses overseas.I discovered that I love global business and I became enthusiastic about this new economy where everything is connected, working online from anywhere attending clients from all over the world. But I wasn’t completely happy…

Chapter 3: Looking for something

I was still missing something at that point.  But what?After a long time looking for the WHAT in the equation I realise that I love the business lifestyle I designed, working with geographic independence, working with people from all over the world, understanding how business interact in a global market and all this from my laptop drinking a cappuccino in the coffee shop downstairs.That was magic! But I was missing something else.

Fran is thinking

Chapter 4: The lost piece in the puzzle

Fran Having an idea

And then I found my thing.The traditional business consultancy was not for me, it is too traditional if I can say that. Instead, I loved what I was doing (or rather HOW I was doing it), I lacked motivation because I was living a digital lifestyle and working with analogical clients. Frustration, demotivation, boredom was the result. Because even if you are doing something that you love, a missing piece of the puzzle can ruin the whole picture. You need every single piece in the right place.

Chapter 5: The purpose

Let me tell you my purpose, my vision, why I am risking all my income stability to work on this blog from zero.This is all about you.I genuinely believe that anybody from any corner on the planet with the right skills, the right tools and mindset can use the internet to change positively the world.No matter where are you from, which education you have (if any), no matter who you are supposed to be. Today we live in the greatest era of human history to connect to anybody all around the world, you are unique, you have a story and you have inside you the business that makes you free finding your purpose in life.My purpose is to learn all I can to teach you how.Is it not fucking exciting?

Fran's purpose