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Why does not your content catch the attention of your audience?

Ok, I’ve been there a lot of times. You have created a new piece of content, you did your research, added lots of resources and actionable tips. But when you hit publish, looks like nobody is interested in your content. Why? This is your topic and you are writing for your audience. Let me tell you that behind that lays an uncomfortable truth. This is the fact that your audience is not interested in what you are talking about. But let me be even more specific, because they actually don’t care about you, or me, they simply care about their

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repurposing content

Why repurposing content should be your priority in 2019

How you can start repurposing content right now, no matter how busy you are or if you a “multitasking” solopreneur doing everything on your business. Repurposing is about creating the RIGHT content once and planning the appropriate strategy to distribute your content with many different people from different angles.

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